The Best Soccer Betting Sites in Canada

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The Best Soccer Betting Sites in Canada

Soccer may not be among the most popular sports in North America, but love of the game is spreading, as indicated by improved availability of the best soccer betting sites in Canada. More and more people in this country are following the US professional soccer league and making MLS bets in Canada. One factor contributing to soccer’s improved stature is the presence of several MLS teams in large Canadian cities, while the possibility to watch and place bets online at one of the top MLS betting sites in Canada is certainly helping to drive the hype.

We will try to answer the ultimate question - what is the best betting site for soccer in Canada in 2024, as well as to provide some expert tips that could help bettors make more money on successful predictions. In addition to detailed profiles of several high-profile Canadian Major League Soccer bookmakers, we will leave some space to address some common concerns that players from Canada express.

1. Canadian Teams in Major League Soccer

MLS may be perceived as a league based in the United States, but those who actually follow the matches know that Canada is very much involved. Three out of its 29 franchises are located in Canada, amounting for more than 10% of the entire league. Not surprisingly, most of the fandom and betting on soccer in Canada involves one of the local teams.

The aforementioned franchises are CF Montreal, FC Toronto, and Vancouver Whitecaps FC. All three joined the league relatively recently in the period between 2007 and 2012, and are still searching for wider recognition and sustained success. Toronto FC is the only of the three to ever win the MLS Cup (2017) or even qualify for the finals, which explains why Canadian teams are not massively popular globally. However, they enjoy broad fan support at home, and in recent years Canadian Major League soccer betting sites are paying more attention to local teams.

2. Top Canadian Soccer Betting Sites

Growth of interest for soccer is mirrored by the increased volume of gambling activity related to this sport, resulting in stiffer competition and better offers for the users. At present time, lots of famous brands are vying for the status of best Canadian soccer bookmakers and offering hefty bonuses to players from this country who open new accounts. We will present several sportsbooks that have a license to operate in Canada and deserve to be considered by players looking to join a new site. While exploring the best Canadian soccer betting sites, you could discover our top premier league transfers and outrights betting odds.

The Best Soccer Betting Sites in Canada

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2.1 Bet365

Without a doubt, this is one of the best football betting sites in Canada that offers solid odds on MLS matches as well as top European leagues. Bet365 brand is well-known to the international public and has been a leader in the legal gambling market for the past couple of decades. Canadian players joining this site can expect generous welcome bonuses and free bets. The site also very safe to play at and quick to react to requests for customer support.

2.2 1XBET

Broad coverage of MLS games and flexible financial conditions are some of the reasons why experts see 1XBET as one of the top Canadian soccer betting sites. You can bet on the outcomes of regular season and playoff matches in the MLS, play over/under or place a future bet on the eventual champions. Regardless of the type of bet you decide to make, you can count on being able to withdraw the winnings within a short timeframe. You have the opportunity to browse our incredible information on our website about 1XBET authorized countries.

2.3 Pinnacle Sports

Canadian players who love soccer can regularly find favorable bets for their favorite teams on Pinnacle Sports. This site could easily be among the most user-friendly Major League Soccer betting sites in Canada, as it has a simple interface and a very responsive customer service. Moreover, you can check out our incredible Pinnacle VIP deal on this site for an excellent price. New players can benefit from a strong welcome package, place bets from a mobile device, and even watch the games they wagered on via live streaming.

3. MLS Betting Tips

It’s not enough to identify the best MLS betting sites in Canada – you also need a plan how to maximize your winnings. For starters, you should place your bets based on careful analysis of the odds rather than always supporting a team you hope will win. Don’t forget to take home field advantage into account when you are trying to predict individual match winners.

While most casual bettors tend to engage in Major League Soccer betting in Canada only during the MLS Cup Playoffs, some of the best propositions can be found earlier in the season. That’s especially true in case you are betting on the future MLS champion, as some very good teams tend to be initially overlooked. Moreover, you can take a look at our exact result betting where your MLS betting tips turn into a wild rollercoaster of legality.

4. Best Soccer Betting Sites in Canada – FAQ

4.1 🍁 Is soccer betting legal in Canada?

Yes, placing bets on the outcome of local or international soccer games is perfectly legal in Canada, provided it’s done through a licensed provider. The question is not really can you bet, but rather what is the best website for soccer betting in Canada?

4.2 🍁 Which Canadian teams play in the MLS?

There are three teams based in Canadian cities that are currently members of the Major League Soccer. The first team to join was Toronto, and it was quickly followed by MLS expansion into Montreal and Vancouver.

4.3 🍁 Which MLS betting site in Canada is the best?

As we previously explained, there are numerous online sportsbooks active in Canada that provide high-level service. We presented some of the best soccer betting sites in Canada above, so we believe that any of the recommended brands is a good choice.

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