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15-07-2024 15:55 Home Away, Whole Match by DoctorFate
ODDS 2.19
Home Away, Whole Match by DoctorFate
15-07-2024 15:55 Home Away, Whole Match by 5Eurosbettor
ODDS 2.17
Home Away, Whole Match by 5Eurosbettor
15-07-2024 15:55 Home Away, Whole Match by Grzich76
ODDS 2.21
Home Away, Whole Match by Grzich76
15-07-2024 15:55 Home Away, Whole Match by maer20
ODDS 1.76
Home Away, Whole Match by maer20
15-07-2024 15:55 Over/Under 22, Whole Match by venhitman
ODDS 1.60
Over/Under 22, Whole Match by venhitman
15-07-2024 15:55 Home Away, Whole Match by metakal142536
ODDS 1.78
Home Away, Whole Match by metakal142536
15-07-2024 15:55 Home Away, Whole Match by CRonaldoTips
ODDS 1.78
Home Away, Whole Match by CRonaldoTips
Best Tipsters

JohhnyBet is a unique site where a whole community of readers and best tipsters benefit together by posting tips and following the quality advice given on our pages. There are many contributors to the sports pages on JohnnyBet, with numerous daily tips from highly experienced and knowledgeable people, including professional tipsters who want to share that knowledge for free.

They also benefit by following the advice posted by other tipsters with in-depth understandings of other sports, while the Tipsters League rewards the best contributors with some big prizes each month.

The JohnnyBet community can join Groups, follow their favourite contributors, find the top tipsters and interact with each other by posting on their Wall. All those elements are making JohnnyBet one of the best tipsters site available online.

1. JohnnyBet Sports Pages

When you visit the sports page on JohnnyBet you are looking at the best advice on what to wager on, and where to find the best odds. To get you off to the ideal start, a free professional guide to sports betting with the most helpful sports tips and predictions can be reached directly from the page or from the related article.

Something else you will see on the page is the tips statistics chart which shows a steady upward rise. This indicates how much your bankroll will have risen by if you had followed all the tips posted on the sports page. It's clear that this far exceeds what most individual punters could ever hope to earn and is only possible because of the shared knowledge of the JohnnyBet community.

Tipsters not only win from their own research, they also wager on the advice posted by the others, but if you have limited knowledge of sports, or you are fed up of losing money on sports betting, you can use the best free tipsters to turn things around and start to make consistent profits. You don't even have to have any interest in sports at all, as if you look at it as an investment and simply place the bets suggested, you will soon be making money.

Wondering where to place your sports bets?

The tips themselves are all found on the sports page and contain details of the event to wager on, who to back, the type of bet to place, (such as under/over, or the first half result etc.), and the suggested stake. There is also advice on where the best odds can be found, so players can head straight to the correct online sportsbook to for the maximum profit, plus details on who posted the tip.

2. Best JohnnyBet Tipsters

All the registered Tipsters are experts in their chosen sports, with some specialising in Soccer, others in Tennis, Baseball, Boxing and so on. Not only will you find the best football tipsters and best tennis tipsters, but the best sports tipsters overall can be found on JohnnyBet.

Tipsters come from across the world, and many post in their own languages, so a handy "Translate" button makes everything readable in other countries. The best tipsters in the world post here, such as Sallyboom, who is an expert on horse racing, cricket, basketball and snooker. In his time as a JohnnyBet, Polish Sallyboom has returned a fantastic profit that continues to boost the bankrolls of his followers.

Another expert is Levsky, an Italian who focuses entirely on football. With over 100 Followers in the community, Levsky returns regular profits and was crowned the Expert of the Year in both 2013 and 2017 Johnnybet Tipsters League.

There are many other contributors to the sports pages, with others always welcome to join up and begin sharing their expertise with everyone. They can also win a share of a big monthly prize once they begin posting.

3. JohnnyBet Tipsters League

A prize pool of €25,000 is offered to the top tipsters, with the money being sent directly to their PayPal account, (free to set up), so there is no need to wager the money at any online sportsbook or wager it several times over before withdrawing. The funds are there to be used immediately, in whatever way the winner wishes to use them.

This exciting best tipsters competition that offers a very generous amount of prizes in cash is open to anyone who has posted during the ongoing season, and any tipster who shares at least 3 picks over the month on Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte or Google+ will qualify for 10% more of their winnings on JohnnyBet.

Prize money is shared among the best sports tipsters based on their standings during the season and at the end of each month. Winners are voted for by site administrators, editors, contributors and randomly picked members of the community who decide where the prize money goes based on a number of factors.

Do you want to win prizes with your tips?

Not only are the voters looking for an overall profit, but they are also judging them on the quality of the advice given, the best tips on selected sports, the top professional tipsters from each area and best analysis among other factors.

So if you are looking for the best tipsters online, then you have arrived at the only site you will ever need to start making a nice profit each and every month.

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