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16-07-2024 05:30 Home Draw Away, Ordinary Time by maer20
ODDS 1.61
Home Draw Away, Ordinary Time by maer20
16-07-2024 08:00 Home Draw Away, Ordinary Time by SARAVAKOS GREECE
ODDS 1.46
Home Draw Away, Ordinary Time by SARAVAKOS GREECE
16-07-2024 09:00 Home Draw Away, Ordinary Time by tipsterbestml35
ODDS 1.78
Home Draw Away, Ordinary Time by tipsterbestml35
16-07-2024 10:30 Home Draw Away, Ordinary Time by Chris30@
ODDS 1.11
Home Draw Away, Ordinary Time by Chris30@
16-07-2024 10:30 Over/Under 1.5, Ordinary Time by Chris30@
ODDS 1.05
Over/Under 1.5, Ordinary Time by Chris30@
16-07-2024 10:30 Asian Handicap (-1.5), Ordinary Time by MAVIO
ODDS 1.85
Asian Handicap (-1.5), Ordinary Time by MAVIO
16-07-2024 10:30 Over/Under 1.5, Ordinary Time by szem55
ODDS 1.24
Over/Under 1.5, Ordinary Time by szem55
Free Football Betting Tips for Tomorrow

Football is one of the biggest betting sports in the world in. With markets available on hundreds of different leagues around the planet, those with an expert knowledge and local information can churn a healthy profit. There are also those individuals who take betting extremely seriously, putting in hours of research to derive selections which produce a healthy return. JohnnyBet is home to some of the sharpest, shrewdest football tipsters on the planet, and what’s more, their advice and soccer betting tips can be obtained completed free of charge in 2025.

1. Free JohnnyBet Tipster League

The JohnnyBet tipster league allows individuals from all over the world to pit their betting wits against one another. The winners are the JohnnyBet community, who can make substantial money from the tips which produce long-term profits. Well, just what do the resident tipsters get from this deal? Firstly the exposure to thousands of individuals with an active interest in betting tips can only help to build a tipsters profile if they are successful. Secondly, JohnnyBet puts aside the huge yearly prize pool money for tipsters in our biggest tipping online competition in 2025. They may be offering their selections and sure betting predictions for free, but if the tipsters are worth their salt they will be rewarded by JohnnyBet.

2. Free soccer betting tips for tomorrow

So, who are the top football tipsters on the JohnnyBet website? With just two teams, the margins on football matches are tight and therefore making a long term profit requires skill and a keen eye for value. We look at the top three football tipsters currently active:

Levsky – An Italian tipster with a superb record of long term profits. This experienced bettor has proved his worth as one of the top tipsters at JohnnyBet, offering informative analysis and reasoning behind his selections. Some individuals may get lucky on their first fifty or hundred bets, but with well over 1700 bets and with more than 5% yield, there is no fluke about Levsky’s bets. His chart shows a steady, consistent increase in bankroll which is ideal. He mainly focuses on the Asian Handicap, 1X2 and Over/Under markets, and regularly finds value in Europe.

Nor4etod is another elite tipster at JohnnyBet. The community were raising their eyebrows as his tipping started off slowly, but as always a long term view has to be taken and Nor4etod has really flourished in recent times, producing superb returns. Again focusing on the main markets such as the 1X2 and Overs/Unders, he combines an enviable knowledge of football with an equally expert insight into Ice Hockey. DZovan makes up the trio of top football tipsters at JohnnyBet. An experienced gambler from Romania, he excels in a number of sports and does particularly well at football, producing a 6%+ yield. DZovan’s selections are clearly extensively researched and well thought out and this is reflected in the profits he posts.

If you fancy yourself as a tipster and think you can compete with the excellent talent already showcasing their abilities at JohnnyBet, or if you want to read the reward of the current tipsters hard work, then sign up today and start profiting! Alternatively, you can browse our predictions that we regularly prepare. For our ever-growing community of players from Bangladesh, we recommend checking out the 1XBET promo code Bangladesh review from our team of experts at JohnnyBet by following the links.

For example, if you're into women's football, then you must be waiting for this year European Championship. Thanks to our generosity, you can already enjoy the best betting tips and picks ahead of this Women's Euro tournament provided in the related article. Or if you rather can't wait for the start of the World Championship, consider reading our latest picks for the World Cup top goalscorer available for free in the related article.

3. FAQ

3.1 How does one become the best tipster in 2025?

You gotta love the game. Once you join the Tipster's League and do analyses of your own you will be on the right track. Do not get discouraged when you make mistakes in betting. You also need to be aware that informed betting is based on years of analysis and a sound knowledge of the particular sporting discipline. Make sure you understand how odds work. If you want to know more, Levsky prepared a Guide to Sports Betting for beginners and advanced bettors. Go one step at a time.

3.2 What does a 5% yield mean?

Yield is the name for rate of return on your bets. It's ratio of how much you won, divided by the amount you spent on all your bets.

3.3 Can't I just play according to my gut instinct?

You can. But professionals take a long time to gather data on any given discipline, choose a method and stick to it. If you change your strategy often, you won't get the desired result.

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