Marilyn's Diamonds 3D

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It appears that also males can be tinsel lovers. Probably without online gambling it won’t be possible, because as Marilyn Monroe was singing: “Diamonds are Girl’s Best Friends”. After this short introduction you are wondering, what is the relationship between the most famous blonde, gems and playing for money? In connection with new technologies this three things can move online casino games to a higher level. To explain this I will use an example of one slot: Marilyn’s Diamonds deluxe online.


1. From 2D to 3D

As everything else, also gambling has own cycles. After game room’s hegemony, pc and online casinos with slots came to the fore. However current world doesn’t enjoy new things for long and replace old things by new ones. Perhaps with Marilyn’s Diamonds online 3d we came to new way of online slots development. Company Greentube have launched first 3D gaming slot. What will be the future of this technology? It will turn out, but right now Marilyn’s Diamonds 3D game is interesting just because of curiosity.

Greentube launched their new thing on GameTwist website and apparently slot Marilyn’s Diamonds deluxe 3d had great feedback from players. Before you try it, you should install plug-in to your browser called Unity 3D Webplayer. Thanks to it, 3D Novomatic’s slot will appear on your screen. What can you expect from it? Maybe few fireworks? Maybe you will need special glasses like in multiplexes? Nothing like this! However we must admit, that 3D graphics looks very good, what brings the hope for future, when those games will become more common. Marilyn’s Diamonds deluxe 3d brings the attention because of visual side, but I have the impression, that biggest advantage of this slot is somewhere else – in simplicity, which we all know very well.

In my opinion Marilyn’s Diamonds deluxe slot 3d shows us a way, which other gambling developers can follow in the future. However if this way will be revolutionary we will know later and right now is just too early to judge it. The certain is, that old and checked slots don’t need any system improvements. Linking symbols on the screen brings the same fun as always. If there will be some changes, there will be in audio-visual sphere (indicating visual), rather than in way of play. At least, it can be concluded after playing in Marilyn’s Diamonds online slot 3d.

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