NFL Playoffs 2018 Predictions

NFL Playoffs 2018 Predictions

It’s that time of the year again – NFL Playoffs are well underway, with four Wild Card games taking place last weekend. We now know all matchups for the Divisional round, which offers a great opportunity to assess the chances of every team to take home the Lombardi Trophy. Here is what lies ahead and what to expect from every team that remains in contention for the Superbowl title. Take a look at divisional round NFL Playoffs Predictions

1. AFC Divisional Round Predictions and Odds

Tennessee Titans vs. New England Patriots Betting Odds

After surviving a dramatic showdown against the Chiefs, upstart Titans and their young QB Marcus Mariota will need a massive upset to defeat the defending champions. The Patriots hold a clear edge with most bookmakers offering just 13/8 for them to win the Superbowl, as they are once again led by the legendary, but aging passer Tom Brady and mastermind head coach Bill Belichick.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Pittsburg Steelers Betting Odds

As newcomers to the NFL playoffs, the Jaguars and their star RB Leonard Fournette has already exceeded expectations by beating Buffalo. An experienced Pittsburg team is favored to win, but this could be a tricky matchup that turns on a single play. For what it’s worth, Jacksonville won the game between the two teams in the regular season.

2. NFC Divisional Round Predictions and Odds

Atlanta Falcons vs. Philadelphia Eagles Betting Odds

Due to a season-ending injury to the starting QB Carson Wentz, the Eagles are actually underdogs despite having home-field advantage and higher playoffs seed. On the other hand, Matt Ryan and the Falcons played really well in the Wild Card game and could be rounding into form at just the right time, so it’s no surprise that the best Superbowl win bet on them tops out at 9/1 at Bet365 and other providers.

New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings Betting Odds

This might be the closest affair in the NFL playoffs divisional round. On paper, a powerful Vikings defense represents a big advantage, but betting against Drew Brees is always a risky proposition, especially when flanked by a dynamic RB duo of Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara. If you bet on this game, be mindful of a surprise so bet wisely.

3. Finals Predictions

Is it possible that we could see the rematch of last year’s classic between Patriots and Falcons? It could very well happen, but both teams have some big obstacles to clear before this matchup becomes reality. Here is a bit of analysis and predictions for each conference:

New England won the regular season game against Pittsburg and might have to do so again if both teams dispatch their current opponents and advance. That’s why the AFC title game is likely to be a treat for NFL fans, but it also might be difficult to predict. The possibility of an AFC underdog sneaking into the Superbowl LII can’t be discounted, but it is unlikely to occur this year – Jaguars (20/1) and Titans (40/1 or even 50/1 with William Hill) look like complete long shots for the trophy.

Things are less certain on the NFC side of the bracket. Both teams that received first-round byes have question marks at quarterback. Case Keenum had an otherworldly season for the Vikings, but he has no track record of success in the postseason. Still, Minnesota rates the highest of the NFC teams at the moment, with most bookmakers offering 5/1 for the Superbowl victory. Meanwhile, Philadelphia is clearly not the same team with Nick Foles at the commands and isn’t seen as a serious threat. Both higher seeded teams are facing experienced opponents and at least one of them could stumble, opening the door for Atlanta or New Orleans to go the distance.

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