Odds to Win The Premier League

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Odds to Win The Premier League

It is the news all football fans around the world have been waiting for, the return of the English Premier League. You must go back to the 9th of March to find the last game played in the Premier League which resulted in a 4-0 victory for Champions League chasing Leicester City over relegation threatened Aston Villa.

Since then, there has been much talk over what exactly was going to happen with the remaining fixtures in the Premier League. Some people were even suggesting the league could be cancelled with no champions or relegation. Thankfully, that idea appears to have been put to one side and we are set for the resumption of the Premier League on the 17th of June. The season will resume with the teams who currently have a game in hand, which will see matches between Manchester City and Arsenal at the Etihad Stadium plus Aston Villa vs Sheffield United at Villa Park.

This will be music to the ears of football fans for many reasons including those who love Premier League betting. Before looking at the latest Odds to win Premier League, it is important to understand some of the changes to the league following coronavirus.

Firstly and perhaps most importantly there will be no fans allowed inside any of the stadiums. This could make a big difference to teams which rely heavily on their home support, especially those who are battling against relegation this season. In addition, there have been discussions regarding playing specific fixtures at neutral venues and it is unclear exactly how that is going to impact on the results of games. Both of these factors are worth keeping in mind when analysing Premier League odds.

Every team will be entitled to make 5 substitutions during the course of a match in blocks of three. This is something which has been done in the German Bundesliga and it will be interesting to see what effect it has in the English Premier League. There is a possibility it may favour teams with the stronger squads as they will be able to call upon talented players within their 5 substitutes whereas other teams will not have the same depth of quality.

Keeping all of these factors in mind, let's take a closer look at the Premier League outright odds and Bet365 Premier League bets.

1. Premier League Outright Odds

The Premier League winner odds have one team clearly out in front of the rest and that team is Liverpool. While nobody wants the Premier League to resume while it is unsafe, it is fair to say Liverpool fans have been eager for the competition to restart so they can see their team lift the title. It will be the first time in the Premier League era that Liverpool have won the competition but if they do so, the team will be lifting the trophy inside an empty stadium.

The Premier League title odds have Liverpool as the clear favourites to succeed at just 1/1000 with Bet365. This tells you everything you need to know about the potential winners of the Premier League in 2019/20. According to the bookmakers there is only one team who can stop them and that team is Manchester City.

The Citizens are the defending champions but are going to struggle to move above Liverpool in the remainder of the Premier League season. In fact, some would say it would take a miracle for anyone other than Liverpool to win the Premier League title. We know Pep Guardiola is capable of great things but this would be the best achievement of his career by a long way if he could somehow steer Manchester City to the top of the league. However, the Premier League outright odds give them truly little chance and Manchester City are out at 100/1 with Bet365 to retain their Premier League title this season.

In truth, it is not worth considering any other team to win the 2019/20 Premier League. In fact, the Premier League winner odds at Bet365 do not offer any other team on which to bet and that tells you everything you need to know. Therefore, perhaps we are better off looking at some of the other Premier League betting possibilities.

2. Other 2019/20 Premier League Bet

Aside from the Premier League title, there are some other exciting issues to be resolved this season including the race to qualify for the Champions League. Both Manchester City and Leicester City will be feeling confident of their chances of finishing in the top four this season and that leaves just one place remaining. Chelsea and Manchester United are the two teams most likely to be competing for fourth place and the final Champions League qualifying position.

The Bet365 Premier League betting odds have Chelsea as the narrow favourites to claim 4th place at 4/6, while Manchester United are available at 7/4. For those who believe both of these teams will slip up, it may be worth taking a look at Wolverhampton Wanderers who are on offer at 6/1 with Bet365 to qualify for the Champions League. Newly promoted Sheffield United are also in the mix and are out at 14/1 in the Premier League betting to qualify for the Champions League.

Then we come to the issue of relegation and there is plenty to play for in the bottom half of the table. The Premier League odds believe Norwich City are as good as down and the Bet365 Premier League betting odds have them at just 1/9 for the drop. Any two teams from Brighton and Hove Albion, West Ham United, Watford, Bournemouth and Aston Villa could be relegated this season. Therefore, the relegation battle could end up being more exciting for Bet365 premier league bets than the odds to win Premier League.

Aston Villa are available at 1/3 to be relegated, with Bournemouth on offer at 4/5, West Ham 2/1, Watford 12/5 and Brighton 11/4. It is certainly going to be a thrilling end to the season, especially in terms of Premier League betting.

All Liverpool's Premier League goals from 2018/19

Taking everything into account, FC Liverpool does seem like the most likely winner in the Premier League winner odds and betting on them may not turn out that profitable. In that case you might also want to consider the Premier League top goalscorer odds, more on which can be found in our article!

3. Bet365 Premier League Odds & Live Stream

So if you are looking for a most reliable bookmaker out there there is always Bet365. There you can find the best outright odds for the Premiership winner and many more. Be sure to check it out!

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Remember that your favourite bookie may also have the live stream options available. That is certainly the case with Bet365, but 1XBET live stream service is equally tempting! You may also want to check out the 1XBET online sports betting article that entails all you need to know about betting with this bookie!

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