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Paid Betting Tips

Have you ever gone to place a bet and felt like you’re out of your depth?

Have you ever experienced a long losing streak, and wondered how to snap out of it?

Do you wish you knew more about sports and competitions other than your own areas of interest?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then the paid betting tips groups at JohnnyBet might just be your saviour.

The premise behind our subscription betting groups is simple: we are looking to help our followers to improve their betting performance by utilising the knowledge and skills of our very best tipsters.

Just as a quick example, three of our premium groups operated by some of our best tipsters – SallyBoom and Levsky – routinely turn over a profit each month, with excellent return on investment for their followers. These are so to say paid betting tips sites:

levsky's premium group

SallyBoom's premium group

Yes, you have to pay to join the groups. But here’s the thing: the tipsters involved spend hours researching their bets to ensure that only the finest selections are offered to their followers.

The results are clear for all to see, and the payment is simply a way to reward them for the hard work they put into finding the most sophisticated betting tips around.

1. How Do I Join a Betting Group?

First of all, you need to sign up for a JohnnyBet account. This is quick and easy to do, and you don’t have to pay any money until you have found a premium group that you want to join.

Then, simply click on the group name and hit that green ‘Join Group’ button – all of the information will then be available to you.

Once your application for a group has been approved, you will be added to the list of members. Then you can start seeing the tips that the group owner has published, and from that point hopefully your journey towards betting profit begins!

2. How Do I Know Which Group to Join?

Here at JohnnyBet we believe in the full disclosure of our tipsters and groups, and that’s why we publish full statistical breakdowns for each.

That way, you can visit the group as a guest and check out the stats: that includes archived bets and their profit/loss, as well as their overall yield and units profit.

Some of the groups focused on a specific sport, i.e. we have betting tips groups dedicated to football, some to tennis and some to horse racing, while other groups offer a mixture of a few different sports and bet types.

You can also view the rules section for each group. In here you will find out more about what to expect, including frequency of bets and the types of market that the group owner tends to wager on.

If you want a further insight, why not check out the JohnnyBet Tipster League? Many of the people in here have their own groups, so if there is somebody in an excellent run of form with their tips then of course it makes sense to join their group too!

3. Which Are the Best Betting Groups?

As mentioned, the proof of the pudding in sports betting is in the eating; that is to say, that the results of each group are published and made available to everyone to view, so you an make your own informed decisions as to which are the best.

We recommend those groups that are consistent with how many bets they put our per week, and those which have delivered good results for a long period of time.

And so that’s why we again refer to the premium groups provided by SallyBoom and Levsky - some may call them sure betting tipsters. These are three of our longest serving paid betting tipsters, and we know that their results are generally excellent. That is why we have no hesitation to recommend them to our followers!

But you can always find your own preferred groups simply by researching all of the options available. There are more than 300 betting groups, and these offer a range of sports and tips to help you find your perfect paid betting tips.

4. Can I Set Up My Own Betting Group at JohnnyBet?

This is the great thing about our groups platform: anybody can set up their own group at any time.

The question you have to ask yourself is what can you offer your members? Do you specialise in a specific sport or perhaps in eSports (if not, check out our eSports betting tips)? Maybe there is a particular betting market within football, tennis or basketball, for example, that you are strong at?

It’s quick and easy to set up a betting group at JohnnyBet, and soon you ca be sharing your knowledge with your members and watching your own betting community grow and posting the best paid betting tips.

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