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Super9ja is a weekly, free to enter competition run by the popular Bet9ja sports betting and casino website. Big prizes are paid out to entrants who pick the correct scores of 10 selected Soccer games each Saturday. There's a jackpot prize of 100,000,000 Naira and lots of runner-up prizes to claim for correctly picking less than 10 results.

Although the game is administered from Nigeria, people from around the world are enjoying the chance to win some big prizes and as it's completely free to enter, there is really nothing to lose and everything to gain when you play this fun, easy to enter game.

JohnnyBet links take you through to the main Bet9ja site where you can wager on a huge collection of sporting events and win some fantastic payouts at the online casino section.

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1. Bet9ja Jackpot - Super9ja Prediction

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Super9ja is a nice and simple game to play. Register at Bet9ja, either on your desktop computer or mobile device, and head to the Super9ja page. To play, you must be registered and must have a verified mobile number. Remember that during registration you need to enter promotion code: Johnnybet100, which can ensure you the highest bonuses.

Each player is given one entry ticket per week, which costs nothing, although sometimes they run special promotions that give you more. You will see 10 Soccer matches that are due to be played that weekend, so be sure to get you picks in before the cut-off time, which is 3pm local time each Saturday.

Note that you can change your selections any number of times during the week, so if one team looks particularly strong in the run up to Saturday's game, you can decide to revise your predictions right up to the day.

Once you have made your selections, click 'Submit Your Entry' and you are done. If you want to change anything, it's easy to log back in and edit your predictions.

2. Jackpot Predict

A points system is used to see who has won the weekly prizes. You earn 10 points for each correct score (Liverpool 3 - Man United 2 for example), and 1 point for each correct result, (e.g. Liverpool to beat Man United.)

Correctly picking all 10 correct scores will give you the maximum 100 points and the 100,000,000 Naira jackpot payout, but even if you haven't got them all right, you could still win a big prize. If two or more players get all the scores right, a tie-breaker will decide who gets the jackpot.

A mini-jackpot of 2,000,000 Naira is won by correctly picking 9 of the 10 results, with 500,000 Naira for 8 picks and 200,000 Naira for getting 7 right. On top of this there are twenty runner-up prizes that can be won by the players who gained the most points with their picks that week, with the total runner-up prize pool being 265,000 Naira.

Sign up to Bet9ja using promotion code: Johnnybet100 and with no cost to yourself you could be winning these big prizes. Keep checking the Leaderboard on their site to see how you are doing as the games play out, and don't miss out on their great sports and casino betting opportunities while you are there.

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