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ThunderPick Referral Code

ThunderPick referral code:

Thunderpick referral code: JOHNNYBET
Deposit bonus: 5% up to €500 (no wagering requirements)
Betting system: Pool betting

Thunderpick is a new online bookmaker and has been in business since 2016. There have been many online bookmakers opening in recent years, offering a similar product to each other but Thunderpick is different in two ways.

Firstly, Thunderpick concentrates on eSports, making it one of only a handful of betting websites which is eSports specific. Secondly, Thunderpick uses a pool betting system, which means users bet against each other, rather than betting against the house and we will talk about that in more detail below. Plus, there is a cool bonus for new players. If you make your first deposit using our Thunderpick referral code: JOHNNYBET, you’ll get a 5% bonus (up to €500) without any wagering requirements.

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1. eSports Betting Events and Markets

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There are a wide choice of eSports events and matches on which to bet and this is the least expected of a website which focuses on eSports. While not the greatest range available online, Thunderpick offers betting on the major eSports including League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Overwatch, StarCraft 2, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone.

Depending on the event and the type of game being played, the number of markets on each match differs. However, for games such as CS:GO you can expect at least nine betting markets before the match including Map Handicap, Who Will Win Map 1, When the Bomb Will Be Planted for the First Time, When Will the First AWP Frag Happen, Total Maps Played and the Match Winner.

2. ThunderPick Odds

The odds are usually very good at Thunderpick and this has something to do with the style of the website.

As mentioned above, Thunderpick uses a pool betting system, which means punters are betting against each other rather than the house. Thunderpick takes a small cut from the winnings but as people are betting against each other, you will often find better odds here than at other eSports bookmakers.

As Thunderpick takes a small cut from the total winnings, it is in their interests to keep you betting and good odds will always see people return. However, you must be aware that as people are betting against each other, odds can swing significantly before a match is locked and how much you win can depend on how many people won in comparison to the people who lost.

2.1 Combo Bets

The real reason why we love Thunderpick is that they're listening to their customers and they implement the ideas. Players have a real influence on their favourite betting place. Isn't that wonderful?

One of such ideas was to create Combo Bets - or accumulators if you prefer to call it that way. Thunderpick gave their players an opportunity to combine single bets into one big bet with a chance to multiply their winnings (the bigger the combo, the bigger the payout). That's just a single example of how Thunderpick cares for their players and honestly, we can't wait to see what's next!

2.2 Traditional Sports Betting

Another new feature is Sports section where you can bet on traditional sports but with a Thunderpick's twist. Their primary target is eSports of course, but if you'd like to bet on some interesting sports events then you have such a possibility. That means you don't have to open a new account at some traditional Sports bookie. That's convenient, isn't it?

What about that "Thunderpick's twist"? First of all, you bet with coins (as everywhere else on the website). Secondly, it's still pool betting and that is a good news.

3. ThunderPick Bonuses and Promotions

You will not find a great deal of promotions at Thunderpick, either ongoing or for new signups. However, here at JohnnyBet we have been working hard to get you a special deal at Thunderpick and have produced an Thunderpick bonus code.

To get a 5% bonus when making a deposit all you must do is add the referral code: JOHNNYBET in the form and you will automatically receive the 5% bonus up to €500 into your account. While a 5% Thunder pick referral code may not seem like much, there are no deposit or wagering limits when using the code, so you can deposit and bet as much as you like, on any market you want and withdraw the money whenever you want.

4. Usability and Design

The website is very easy to use and placing a bet is straightforward. All the upcoming eSports events and matches are listed on the homepage and one click on the menu of a specific game will bring up all the latest betting markets.

There is a live chat box on the right side of the screen and this is where users of the website are chatting about upcoming matches in various languages.

The Thunderpick website is clean, easy to understand and has the feel of being an eSports website thanks to the design, which fits the genre perfectly.

5. Deposit/Withdrawal Methods

Deposits and withdrawals are simple to make at Thunderpick and thanks to the wealth of options, there should be something for everyone.

VISA, Neteller and Skrill are all accepted, in addition to Yandex. WebMoney, Qiwi Wallet, Paysafecard and AliPay. Not only that but Thunderpick accepts Bitcoin and skins but always check the exchange rate on the website before using skins or Bitcoins.

So, if you are interested in betting on eSports, want to find the best odds on the biggest matches and enjoy a great little bonus to boot, head over to Thunderpick now and make your first deposit using our special Thunderpick referrer code.

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