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Visit JohnnyBet Encyclopedia of Casinos - the first complex guide to online casinos. In order to fully understand how can we help our users with choosing the best online casino, we have been testing online casinos since 2001.

Casino is a place where players can try their luck at different kinds of cash games, which selection depends on individual preferences of chosen online casino. Usually, there are over 100 cash games waiting for players at online casinos. Among the most popular games at online casinos are: Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack. You can find them nearly at all online casinos.

1. History of casino

When it comes to the beginning of gambling its exact origin is unknown. We may assume that gambling has accompanied people since the beginning of human civilization. For sure, one of those who enjoyed gambling were the ancient Greeks and Romans. The first reference to a modern casino gets back to XII century when in Venice the first gambling house appeared. It was the first casino that provided controlled gambling and had various cash games in its offer. With the time passing there were more and more casinos in the world. It was the time when a game of roulette came into force, the rules for Blackjack and Baccarat were established. What is more, the first slots games were invented. Nowadays in the age of the Internet, we divide casinos into two categories: real-world and online. Real-world casinos can be found in big cities all over the world. However, it's Las Vegas and Monte Carlo that are treated as the capitals of gambling.

2. Types of casino cash games

Casino games can be divided into several categories as they differ in their appearance and rules. Also, the chances of winning are different at each casino. The most common and at the same time the basic division takes into consideration table games, slots or videos.

2.1 Table games

The definition of table games is very simple and into this category fall all games in which "table" appears. The most popular games of this kind are:

Roulette – it's undoubtedly one of the oldest gambling games as its history is estimated to get back to XVI/XVII century. The main aim of this game is to point out in which field on the roulette wheel the ball, thrown by the dealer, will stop. Nowadays the most popular are two versions of Roulette: European and American. European roulette consists of 37 numbers while in American roulette appears 38 numbers. Players are allowed to bet not only on fields but also on their sets e.g. specific half, column or line. It's worth to mention that chances of winning at roulette are relatively large and are estimated to be around 97,3% in the European version and around 94,74% in the American version.

Black Jack – is a card game which aim is to get a higher result than your opponent. However, the number you aim to cannot be higher than 21. Player's opponent is usually the dealer. Each card which takes part in the game has its specific value. Starting from two to ten which has its nominal value and finishing with Jack, Queen, and King which are worth 10 points. An ace card can give 1 or 11 points depending on what is more profitable for the player. Player's chances of winning are 100.15% which makes Black Jack the most payable table game.

Baccarat – is a card game that is played by dealer and player. To win one of the sides needs to get a higher result than the opponent. All the cards which take part in the game are counted accordingly to the specific rules in which 2-9 have their nominal value, 10 and figures are worth 0 points, while aces give 1 point. The result is calculated by adding up all the cards, however, the unity number is also important e.g. 4+7=1 (4+7=111)

2.2 Slot machines

These are mainly simple machines, usually consist a different number of lines. The game starts after throwing in a coin. Player can choose the rates and number of pointed lines. In order to win player has to hit a specific pattern e.g. three identical characters in one line.

Probably every major casino, whether real-world or online, has slot machines in its. One of the best example is Energy Casino offering various different slot machines including one of the greatest slot game called Jackpot 6000. This is a simple, five- reel and ten-line slot which additionally operates joker and extra options in the following forms: supermeter and heads or tails.

The second worth recommending machine is Starburst which is available at Bitstarz Casino. A player can choose whether he wants to download it or play online. It's rather a simple machine which consists 5 reels. The greatest advantage of slots is their simplicity together with relatively high solvency.

2.3 Video games

These are much more advanced machines in comparison to the slot machines. They are accompanied by powerful interface often enriched with additional animation. The number of lines, rows, and columns in video games is much greater than in slot machines. What is more, video games offer usually much higher jackpots. Just take a look at the biggest online casinos where you can win up to several thousand euros in one spin. We had such situation in case of Mega Fortune at Betsson Casino or Diamond Valley and Beach Life at William Hill Casino.

2.4 Other

Among other games offered by casinos there are such which gained their popularity in other places. Bingo and keno seem to be the best example. They are divided into many different categories. Sometimes they are named arcade games or they are classified simply as "other" games. It depends only on a particular casino. Sometimes the game is extremely simple and intuitive, as in case of Keno, and sometimes a player has to immerse himself into the game’s instructions, which can be exemplified by Derby Day at William Hill.

3. Payouts - which game to choose?

The solvency is the percentage chance of winning against the casino. This calculation is based mainly on probability theory. The percentages presented below determines player's chances of competing with a casino. The higher percentage is, the greater probability that the player will win. One of the most profitable game is Black Jack assuming that player adopts suggested a strategy. On the other hand, the least profitable among gambling games are so-called hot spot machines. Below you can find the profitability ranking of the most popular casino games:

Black Jack - 100,15% - when you use the game’s system

Video Poker - 99,54% - while using the system of the game

European roulette - 97,30%

American roulette - 94,74%

Online slots - ~95,00%

4. Play at online casino for free

Some casinos have the possibility to play casino games in demo version in their offer. Almost always these are games in which you play for virtual money. Their aim is to test the game and afterwards deciding whether it is worth to play for real money. However, there are two promotions which are exceptions to this rule:

4.1 Energy Casino

From Energy Casino player gets the chance of playing for €/$7 free money without paying any deposit. The only thing player has to do is to register as a real player and register his credit card or other alternative methods of payment and confirm his e-mail address. To withdraw the bonus player must rotate it 60 times. This all without risking a penny from your wallet.

4.2 Bitstarz Casino

Bonus offered by Bitstarz operates on the similar principle as bonus prepared by Energy Casino. In order to have the possibility to play completely for free, a player doesn't have to pay any money. He can make use of online casino bonus of not money but 30 spins which he gets for free. To make use of free spins player has to just register on the website using JohnnyBet links and code JBVIP. The bonus is exclusive to our players only!

5. Ranking of online casinos

Place Name JohnnyBet rating Go to casino Review
1 Bet365 Casino 4,99/5 bet365 casino download
2 Energy Casino 4,98/5 „energy
3 William Hill Casino 4,85/5 william hill casino download
4 Unibet Casino 4,53/5 „unibet
5 Ladbrokes Casino 4,21/5 ladbrokes casino download
6 Bitstarz Casino 4,04/5 bitstarz casino download

6. Security at online Casino

6.1 Security at real-world casinos

At every casino there are some aspects that provide security. All of them are introduces in order to protect casinos against swindlers, thieves or improper behavior. Thanks to the safety measures not only casinos but also the players are under control. Usually, casinos decide to invest in a closed circuit television system which keeps an eye on what's going on in casino. They observe casino’s floor, gamblers and even staff. Additionally, there are special patrols which are responsible for reacting on certain acts of improper behaviour, swindles or thefts. All the methods acquired at casinos also check and control:

the age of the player,

improper behaviour,

the money gathered in the casino,

In case when someone is breaking casino’s rules, casino patrol has the right to take him into custody.

Sample rules that are vital while playing roulette at real-world casinos are as follows:

No mobile phones or cameras.

A dealer cannot rearrange the chips, even when the player asks him to.

You are not allowed to rearrange, withdraw the bet or add to it when the bet is finished.

You can only have chips, money, drinks and cigarettes on the table.

6.2 Security at online casinos

Without any doubts safety at online casinos is different from that at real-world casinos. Here safety is concentrated mainly on player's finances and it's all about securing player's interests, his financial resources as well as the compliance with fair entertainment. In order to operate online casinos must have a license. Ohio casino control commission is deals mainly with permissions for local casinos whereas for online casinos permissions is responsible LGA from Malta. The bodies responsible for granting the license are the state institutions dealing with gambling.

What is more online casinos often have additional certificates e.g G4 and sometimes they are checked by external auditors. One of the most important element of player’s safety is ensuring complete game randomness, so that casino could not intervene and change cards or numbers. For this purpose special random number generator was created. However, in order to put them into practice firstly they must be tested by independent institutions.

Online Casino Website Security Guide

6.3 Safety of deposits and withdrawals

One of the most crucial aspect of online casinos is the safety of financial transfers. That's why safety standards at the majority of casinos meet the most rigorous standards. Before player decides to pay in some money it is worth to pay attention to where the chosen casino is licensed. The safest casinos are licensed by the European Union and are located in Malta. When it comes to the duration of transfers it depends on the method which was used while depositing or withdrawing the money. It takes only a few minutes when player pays with the usage of virtual wallets or credit cards. However, if player decides to pay by cheque then it may take a few days. The same situation is true for ordinary bank transfers.

In case of paying in or out money the majority of casinos don't charge commission. To ensure the protection of resources, online casinos very often co-operate with external financial institutions, mostly with banks. The other step in ensuring the security of transfers is to adopt global standards e.g. these laid down by the PCI Security Standards Council.

6.4 How can I withdraw my winnings?

Usually casinos offer more than one methods of withdrawing money. Below are four of the most popular ways of paying out the money:

Cheque: Cheque is one of the most popular method of withdrawing the money. It may take a few days to withdraw the money by cheque as will be sent to player via normal mail. Usually it's free but sometimes some casinos may charge a fee for sending it. However, bear in mind that casino may have an extra charge for cashing the cheque.

Cheque delivered by courier: To accelerate receipt of the cheque, player has an option to make use of a courier service e.g. UPS. In this case cheque will be delivered within a few days. The commission for delivery depends on how much player wins. It may be around $30.

Bank transfer: Using bank transfer player gets the money within 4-5 days. It's one of the simplest mean of withdrawal. However, players are charged with additional fees for the transfer. That's the reason why bank transfer option is recommended only when player wins a really big amount of money.

NETeller/Moneybookers/Paypal account: These are well-known companies situated in Europe and the United States (listed on the stock exchange) providing safe online money transfers. Player doesn't have to pay for opening an account and he can use it to make deposits and withdrawals at all online casinos. What is more player doesn't have to pay any premium. This method is the most desirable as player gets money in a few days.

6.5 How can I deposit money in my online casino account?

Like in case of withdrawing the money there are also several ways of depositing money in player's account:

Credit Card:Players can deposit money at all online casinos using a credit card (e.g Visacard, Mastercard, Eurocard).

MoneyBookers: Registering player's account in this internet wallet takes only a few minutes. It takes only a few mouse clicks to transfer money from Moneybookers into player's account. Undoubtedly it's one of the fastest and the most convenient method of payment. Additional positiv aspect of this internet wallet is the bonuses offered at online casinos given for using MoneyBookers.

Neteller account: In case when player's credit card is blocked as a result of transfer limits or his bank's restrictions, the other recommended option of depositing money is NETeller. This account can be opened for free and can be used both for deposits and withdrawals which makes this method very convenient. Money transfer takes place immediately after the transfer order has been made. The crucial information is that player can also get additional funding for playing at online casinos only for using Neteller.

Bank transfer: Player can also transfer money using one of the most popular method of paying which is bank transfer. However it's worth to remember that it takes a few days before money gets to the player's account. This method is especially recommended when credit card transfer is not possible e.g. due to limits on the transfer card.

Paysafecard: Paysafecard can be bought in a printed form, which contains of a PIN code. With Paysafecard player can make online payments at all places on the Internet even if player doesn't have bank account. Visit to get more information on where and how to can get PaySafeCard (280000 points of sale worldwide).

7. Is gambling right for me?

Gambling may be very dangerous especially for those playing online casino games. Compulsive gambling affects a large number of players treating playing at casinos as the most important thing in their life. In such case, they become addicted to gambling and lose touch with reality. It's so mainly due to the loss of a large sum of money, often borrowed, and the desire to play at all costs. What is more, it's very hard to draw the line where "healthy playing" ends and where the compulsive gambling starts. That's why it's good to stick to the golden rule and spend only as much as we can still bearing in mind that we can lose it. Always remember that gambling should be primarily entertainment. To get more information about responsible gambling visit

8. Online casino – is playing legal?

The legality of playing at online casinos depends on the country player is in, as different countries have different legal restrictions concerning online gaming. In case of any doubts, players can always contact official representatives in a particular country, who will definitely answer his questions. On the other hand, the most important rule is that if online casino allows players to play online it means that it takes all responsibility for that and players should not be worried.

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