Chelsea vs Manchester United FA Cup Betting Tips

Chelsea vs Manchester United FA Cup Betting Tips

As the season is coming to an end, also the FA Cup competition is finalizing. Two rivals will clash in the final game of this most popular country cup in the world – Chelsea vs Manchester United. Both teams had very different season, but both will fight till the end of this competition.

The FA Cup final will take place in legendary stadium of Wembley, London on 19th of May. This last fight of the season will be opportunity for both teams to redeem themselves and get at least one trophy.

So which team is a favourite? Who will be the winner? Read our Chelsea vs Manchester United FA Cup final betting tips to find out what we think about it.

1. Chelsea vs Manchester United Odds

After a struggle for couple of years now, Manchester United is starting to rebuild their position in English football. Finishing second in Premier League has to be considered as a success. After Sir Alex Ferguson left the club, an era ended, so time was needed to put the pieces of the puzzle back in its place. And it worked. Having Jose Mourinho as a manager worked quite well and the club is back on track.

There is a completely different story when you look at Chelsea. They have to be considered the biggest losers of the season. Being champion last year, they had all it takes to defend the trophy this year. Instead of this they finished 5th in the league and instead of playing in Champions League they will fight for a win in Europa League. That is not what Roman Abramovich was expecting from the manager – Antonio Conte, and roumors about him being sacked at the end of the season may become true.

But let's look into Chelsea vs Manchester United odds for winning FA Cup final. Firstly, let's focus on the opponents that both teams needed to beat to go into the final. Chelsea, one might say, had pretty tough task to go this far. They started off with a game against Norwich City, then Newcastle United, Hull City, Leicester City and Southampton. All of these teams are or recently have been in the top division so the task was not easy.

This looks a little different when we look into ManUtd opponents – Derby County, Yeovil Town, Huddersfield, Brighton & Hove and Tottenham at the end. For sure the last team was pretty hard to beat but most of them are not as hard opposition.

Taking all of that into consideration bookmakers thought that United are the favourites in this match and are backed with 17/10 at Bet365. But Chelsea are not a lost cause and are at 19/10 to win at Bet365. The draw in this match is at 11/5 at Bet365. In here we recommend you to check out what is the bonus code for Bet365 , so you get the cool promotions before you play.

2. Chelsea vs Manchester United FA Cup Final Predictions

Looking back at this season and the odds that the bookmakers are presenting we can make some Chelsea vs Manchester United predictions.

It would be safe to assume that United are going to win here as this is such a prestigious trophy. But we think that Chelsea are fighting here to save this season, as 5th place in the league, being defeated in 1/8 of Champions League by Barcelona is something that club this big cannot call success. That is why they will be super-motivated to get at least on trophy.

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But this is final and Manchester won't give up without a fight and honestly in matches like this one anything can happen.

And like always during the finals both teams are predicted to play secure, which is shown in the odds. Total goals under 2.5 in this match are at 8/15 at Bet365 meaning that there is a higher possibility that less goals than 3 will be scored. For over 2.5 goals it gets to 7/5 also at Bet365. But before you bet check out the sure betting tips , to do it better.

3. FA Cup 2017/2018 Final Betting Tips

So these were our Chelsea vs Manchester United predictions. As you could see, we actually think that Chelsea after having a mediocre season will be more motivated to win this trophy.

But what do you think? Let us know in the comments section below!

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