Fantasy Premier League for Real Money

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Fantasy Premier League for Real Money

Playing fantasy Premier League online is one of the aspects of football many fans look forward to each season.

Fantasy football has been in existence for many years and continues to be developed and pushed to new levels. Initially, you could play fantasy football using the post, sending your transfers using a letter but now you can play fantasy Premier League online and make instant changes to your team.

A further development in recent years has been the opportunity to play fantasy Premier League for real money. The question is, should you play fantasy Premier League for cash?

1. What is Fantasy Premier League Online?

Fantasy Premier League involves picking a squad of players to score you points every week in the Premier League. Points are awarded for goals scored, assists and clean sheets among other criteria. You can make changes to your starting XI and squad using transfers throughout the season and the team with the most points at the end of the season wins.

2. Official Fantasy Premier League

The official fantasy Premier League game is free to play but you can win prizes. These range from a 7-night break including VIP hospitality tickets to two Premier League games to a Fantasy Premier League goody bag.

Other fantasy Premier League games offer real money as prizes. Some of these offer you a free team to start but you must pay for additional teams. Clearly those who pay for more teams have a better chance of winning the overall prize than those who do not and this is when playing fantasy soccer for cash becomes gambling.

There are websites available where you can play Fantasy Premier League for cash but is this a wise choice?

3. Betting or Fantasy Premier League for Money?

There is a big difference between betting on a football match and playing fantasy Premier League for real money.

One of the major differences is when you receive your winnings. If you buy two fantasy Premier League teams for £10 in July, ready for the start of the new season, you will not receive your winnings until May the following year. If you place a standard £10 bet on the outcome of a football match that night and you win, you will receive your winnings instantly. You do not have to wait until the end of the season.

Playing fantasy soccer for cash means you must keep an eye on your team all season. Every day you must check the team news for injuries and make the necessary changes. When betting on a football match you can do some initial research, place your bet and relax. Plus you can always get some advantage of using free Premier League betting tips and predictions.

4. JohnnyBet Tipster League

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Perhaps a better option than playing fantasy Premier League online is to sign up for a free account and join the JohnnyBet Tipster League.

Simply add your tips to the community for a chance to win big money. It does not cost you anything. Along with standard sports betting at a bookmaker, the JohnnyBet Tipster league offers you a better and easier way to potentially make cash than playing fantasy Premier League for real money.

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