Free American Football Sure Betting Tips

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Free American Football Sure Betting Tips

Our free American football sure betting tips are ready for you to use them and place your American football bets. Although it’s played in just one country, American football is immensely popular around the world. Millions of people on all continents gather around their television screens each Sunday to follow the latest NFL matches and try to predict the winners of hard-fought games.

As you might guess, many of those fans also like to place wagers on their favourite teams and players, but correctly anticipating the outcomes might be even harder than in other team sports such as soccer, baseball or basketball. And remember, there is no such a thing as sure betting tips and predictions, but our tipsters make best American football predictions.

This is a very physical sport where injuries play a huge role. For this reason, knowing which players will suit up and which are too banged up to play means a lot for an ambitious bettor. Other tendencies specific for each team can also be relevant for a particular game, so it makes sense to learn which teams are skilled at certain aspects of play, i.e. running the ball or stopping the run. Given that some teams play in outdoor stadiums on the natural grass while other franchises have roofed home fields with synthetic turf, there are a lot of factors that could present an advantage.

1. American Football Tipster League

In other words, a well-timed tip can decide how the bet will turn out. Knowing this, JohnnyBet has started a unique feature dedicated to American football – the Tipsters League. This is a great opportunity for people who live and breathe football to pass some of their knowledge to others, and perhaps even win valuable rewards for their trouble. Our Tipsters League has a yearly prize pool of €30,000 reserved for most successful experts who help other players predict NFL matches.

Participation in this contest is very simple, since registered user commenting about the upcoming matches is eligible for the prizes, while the community casts votes to determine who should get the cash every month. JohnnyBet best American football tipster from all around the world will provide you with a lot of free American football betting tips.

Wondering where to prove your predicting skills?

Introduction of the Tipsters League was meant to make football, soccer or any other sports betting just a little bit easier, provide you some predictions and betting tips, and a lot more fun at the same time. This feature also brings an educational element to the table, since the tips can represent great starting points for further research. This can be especially valuable for non-U.S. fans that haven’t grown up with the game and might not yet be familiar with some of its more subtle elements.

Assisted by top-tier tipsters, even novice players can get in the action and place less obvious bets that stand a good chance of coming through. Meanwhile, hardcore NFL followers get another forum to demonstrate their knowledge and discuss their favourite teams with similarly minded members, giving away best NFL betting tips.

2. NFL Betting Odds

Of course, being able to predict the outcome is just one part of the deal – you also need to identify a favourable bet that will allow you to cash in on your NFL picks prediction. This is why every dedicated NFL bettor keeps tabs on a number of betting shops, constantly searching for the best odds. Due to its popularity, NFL betting odds can be found on practically every sports betting website, but the range of available actions and the odds can vary quite a lot from one provider to another.

Some of the best-known bookmakers where you can bet on NFL games include William Hill, bet365, 1XBET and Unibet – all of those websites are well established and completely reliable, and they usually extend fair offers for a majority of NFL games.

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Most beginners bet only on the outcome of a single NFL match, but there are plenty of other possibilities to explore. Like with any other sport, you can also try to guess the over/under on a total number of points, chase points spread, or even bet on statistics of individual players. Live betting is also a popular option allowing for instant reaction to events happening during the game, so the action can be quite dynamic. However, some of the more exotic bets might be best left to skilled players armed with in-depth understanding of football and fresh info about each team.

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3. NFL Betting Predictions and Picks

Perhaps the most difficult bet to make is guessing the team that wins the league title. NFL is notoriously well balanced, with new contenders rising from nowhere seemingly every year and numerous hyped-out teams falling way short of expectations. Furthermore, NFL playoffs function as a single-elimination tournament, so upsets are far more frequent than in the NBA or MLB, where each playoffs series is a best-of-seven contest. A solid football team without recognizable stars can get hot at the right time and win it all – 2011 New York Giants or 2012 Baltimore Ravens come to mind as gritty overachievers that shocked the world and outplayed more glorified opponents.

Then again there are instances where two powerhouses clear all obstacles before meeting each other in the Superbowl – the 2024 date between Tampa Bay and Kansas City is an example of such unsurprising development and Super Bowl betting can be really profitable if you bet on your favourite early in the season.

4. American Football Bets

Casual NFL fans are usually familiar with just a few players per team, typically those that touch the ball a lot such as quarterbacks or wide receivers. This represents a very poor basis for betting since such players can’t do very much without quality support across the offensive and defensive line, reliable special team unit and many other moving parts.

Big stars can provide some certainty in other sports, but football is the ultimate team effort and you’d be better advised to look at the big picture before deciding which team inspires confidence. In that sense, the recent record of a team could be more indicative of its true strength than presence of big-name players on the roster. Don’t forget about home-field advantage either – NFL games typically attract large and fanatical crowds that can impact games through cheering so loud that the visiting team often has problems calling audible plays.

Wondering where to place your NFL bets?

Of course, there is nothing wrong with placing a bet on an NFL game from time to time even if your knowledge of the league is at a basic level. A small wager can provide a great motive to watch the games and learn more about the teams involved, game rules, basic strategy… It’s even better when the bet pays off, which is why you should consider checking out hot takes from JohnnyBet’s Tipsters League and other sources before you put any money on the line in American Football bets.

We hope that now American Football betting is a little more clear to you, so you are now able to make the best choices when trying to make American Football bet. Have fun and great winnings!

5. American Football FAQ

5.1 🏈 How long does a Super Bowl last?

It usually takes around 3 hours and 45 minutes.

5.2 🏈 Where can I bet on American football?

Some of the best bookies are William Hill, bet365, 1XBET and Unibet. We strongly advise you to register there and check their detailed betting offer.

5.3 🏈 What are the best American football teams?

The way the best teams are chosen is based on the Super Bowl results. It's the most important game that is played at the end of each NFL season and this is the time when you will find our free American football sure betting tips very useful.

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