How to Bet on College Football

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How to Bet on College Football

Almost every fan thinks they know how to bet on college football, but in reality only a small percentage of well-prepared bettors can regularly make money on this activity. There are several reasons for this, ranging from unpredictable nature of American football to college football betting rules that make it hard to profit on a sure bet.

In order to become more successful and start winning your wagers more often, it’s mandatory to become more familiar with the technical side of betting, and learn how to recognize a favorable proposition that could be turned into a big payday. Of course, knowledge of the sport and individual teams helps a great deal, so things will go faster if you are already an NCAA football expert.

In this review, we will provide some information about this topic and answer fundamental questions such as Is gambling on college sports illegal in the US, what types of bets you could make, and with what app can you bet on college football. We will also touch on the strategic aspect of this activity and instruct readers how to bet on college football while avoiding unnecessary risks.

1. Online College Football Betting

The internet can be a great playground if you enjoy betting on sports, and American football is among the most fervently followed athletic contests in the world. That’s why it shouldn’t be too hard to find legal football betting sites that accept players from your location.

Since sports betting was recently legalized across the United States, many established online gambling providers are now allowing US-based players to place bets on college football events. That’s great news for millions of dedicated NCAA football enthusiasts, who can now safely pursue their passion without having to wonder is it legal to bet on college football.

It’s possible to bet on practically every aspect of the game, from predicting the winners or scores of individual games to picking the eventual national champion at the start of the season. Most sites use similar methods to calculate college football betting odds Vegas bookmakers have perfected, so it’s not easy to come up victorious and profit on your wagers. However, if you are carefully following the football season and know which teams could perform better than expected, you could cash in quickly by betting online.

Before placing a bet, it is important to choose the bookmaker wisely. To help you with that, we published an article with our recommendations of the best football betting sites and top NJ sportsbooks.

2. College Football Betting Lines and Spreads Explained

We’ll try to have college football odds explained by translating them into win probabilities. A team that’s given a slim betting line that pays back less than the bettor puts in is obviously a huge favorite to win and is receiving a lot of attention from the bettors. To entice players to support the underdog, a betting shop has to offer a more attractive betting line that promises a payout several times greater than the original bet. This method ensures there are enough bets on all outcomes and reduce the liabilities of the betting site, while giving the bettors a chance to capitalize on predicting a surprising result.

Legal college betting odds are affected by several factors and can change multiple times per day, so it’s highly recommended to study the offer carefully before risking any money. It’s also good to know how to bet on college football online while taking advantage of spreads, which require the winning team to win by a certain amount of points. Since a team could win and still not cover the spread, this kind of bet requires analyzing the situation from a different perspective.

3. College Football Betting Strategies

There are dozens of different approaches you could use to turn your NCAAF predictions into winning bets, but all of them require a lot of preparation.

For example, you can try to identify very good teams playing in non-glamorous conferences, and bet on them against overvalued big-name universities.

Another possibility is to analyze college football betting lines in real time and react if there is significant movement in the market. Casual fans often prefer to make their college football betting picks based on recent results, but if you dig a little deeper you can often discover that those results are misleading. That’s why any strategy needs to be coupled with thorough and objective research, so that the actual bets you make are contributing to your strategic goals.

It takes some time to perfect your method and be sure how to bet on college football, but every mistake teaches you a lesson and helps you refine your predictions. Changing strategies too often isn’t a good idea, as you need to give your plan enough time to work and avoid overreacting to small sample trends that might not be realistic.

If football is not your favourite sport, you can always check out our guides about other sport disciplines, for example our article explaining how to bet on college basketball and enumerating best betting strategies.

4. Best College Football Betting Sites

Anyone wondering ‘where can I bet on college football’ should visit mainstream sports betting sites and check their offering. In addition to global brands like bet365 and Unibet, American players could find interesting NCAA football offers on the New Jersey based BetRivers website.

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Due to intense competition between providers, you can always be sure that favorable college football betting odds will be available somewhere. Some players prefer to place all of their bets on the same site, while others adopt a more flexible approach to online college football betting and hunt for the best odds they can get.

These days, it’s very common for sports fans to have a college football betting app on their phones and to follow the action very closely. This is very convenient if you like in-game betting, which is now commonly hosted on most college football betting sites. Of course, before you choose the provider you should make sure that it enjoys good reputation in the industry and can be trusted in terms of data privacy and security of financial transfers. While most sports betting brands are reputable, it’s still possible to end up at a fraudulent website if you are not paying attention to the details.

5. How to Pick the Winner of a College Football Game?

There is no secret recipe to online college football betting – it’s all about analyzing information and recognizing hidden value. A good place to start is by focusing on college teams that outperform expectations from one week to another, and to pay attention to the reasons for their success. If you decide their feats are sustainable, you can try to support such a team in their next game. If you have the best college football betting app installed on your phone, you should easily be able to track the odds for any particular game and cross-reference them with other information from the internet.

As you gain more experience and start noticing seemingly small discrepancies, you will acquire the ability to correctly predict the winner in non-obvious situations.

It’s also important to be aware how to bet on college football games online while taking advantage of the favorable conditions the betting site is prepared to give and that’s why it makes sense to spend some time on betting sites even when you don’t intend to place a bet, and study how betting odds change over the course of the NCAA football season.

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