Mayweather vs McGregor Predictions

Mayweather vs McGregor Predictions

It would be one of the most-talked about events in sports history; a match-up sure to break box office records. But will a scrap between Floyd Mayweather, one of the best pound-for-pound boxers in history, and MMA champion Conor McGregor ever happen?

The negotiations are ongoing behind closed doors but the suggestion is yes: these two fine athletes could go toe-to-toe in 2017. That’s because the Irishman has just been granted his boxing license by the state of California; meaning a £100 million superbout could be on the horizon on the USA’s west coast.

There are other sticking points, with the main one – as it usually is whenever two big egos like these meet – being money. Mayweather has stated that the fight purse would need to be £100 million with an 85/15 split in his favour, to which Dana White, the owner of UFC, replied that £25 million a man would be more fair.

Mayweather replied by calling White ‘a f****** comedian.’

So if the money is right, it seems that these two fighting juggernauts could well be set to clash at some point in 2017.

1. The Bookies Choice - Betting Odds

The hype has not escaped the attention of the bookmakers, who have already opened up a number of speculative Mayweather vs McGregor markets.

And it is clear from their early pricing who they are favouring too. Mayweather, who boasts a perfect 49-0 career record, is as short as 1.04 for the contest, and that is based upon his outstanding ability to break down all of his challengers.

Bur McGregor has the proverbial ‘puncher’s chance’ – particularly with that explosive left hand – and at 10.00 he will garner plenty of interest amongst punters.

2. Where the Money Is

On paper it shouldn’t be much of a contest at all. Mayweather has never lost a boxing bout in his career, and despite being retired for more than two years no you suspect hit wouldn’t take long for his skills and sharpness to return; even at the age of 40.

‘Money’ built his career on being able to avoid being punched – always a handy bonus for a boxer – and if he can replicate that against McGregor then he would surely win handsomely on points given his greater technical abilities.

This bout gives Mayweather the chance to extend his career record to 50-0, which would cement his legacy as the greatest undefeated champion in boxing. He will not take McGregor lightly, but it is not a fight he would take on if he thought he stood any obvious chance of tarnishing his record.

McGregor is not a trained boxer; his skillset comes from a mixed martial arts background, although he is a noted puncher – watch his early knockout of Jose Aldo for confirmation of that.

But 12oz boxing gloves are a different proposition to the straps he slips into for MMA bouts, with the power of his left-hand diminished accordingly. In a boxing ring, he will not be able to call upon his feared knee-strikes or respected grappling abilities on the mat.

The main concern for McGregor is his up and at ‘em style; he leaves his chin in the air both in attack and defence. For a skilled technician like Mayweather that could prove disastrous – and you have to expect the boxing legend to claim a points victory when the pair meet in 2017.

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