Polish Ekstraklasa Predictions

Polish Ekstraklasa Predictions

Football is a sport no. 1 in Poland, no doubt about it. The highest division of Polish football, Ekstraklasa is coming to an end this season with particularly interesting results to be seen on the last round.

Two teams are still fighting to be crowned the champion and none of them are willing to give up without a fight. Legia, 12 times champion, are currently the best Polish team, with appearance in Champions League last season, and winning 4 titles of Ekstraklasa champions in the last 5 years. No team has managed to beat that result.

The second one is Jagiellonia, with the opinion to be managed with skill and thought. Having not so big budget, they are fighting for the victory in the league second year in the row. Last year they finished second. In which place will they end up now?

So what are our Polish Ekstraklasa predictions before the final games of 2017/2018 season ending? Check out this article to find out!

1. Polish Ekstraklasa Betting Tips

This league is one of these where everyone can win with each other. Examples? Here are some statistics just from this season from top 3 teams:

Ekstraklasa - top 8

Team Points
Legia Warszawa 67
Jagiellonia Białystok 64
Lech Poznań 60
Wisła Płock 57
Górnik Zabrze 57
Wisła Kraków 55
Korona Kielce 49
Zagłębie Lubin 49

Legia: this season they lost 11 of their matches with teams like Górnik Zabrze, Bruk-Bet Termalica, Śląsk Wrocław so the ones that are not doing really well this season. Overall this year, the champion will have more lost games than ever before.

Lech: has lost 8 games but in contrary to Legia they have 11 ties. With squad and budget like they have the club should be able to end some of these matches in their favour. Now that they are no longer in a fight for the championship and after sacking their coach – Nenad Bjelica – they are only in a fight for 2nd place.

Jagiellonia: as we mentioned earlier this is a club with the best budget/result ratio, but they also lost a lot of games this season – 10 and would not be a convincing champion.

To be honest, none of these teams deserve to be crowned champions of Polish Ekstraklasa. But if we would be forced into guessing who will be the champion and present you some Polish Ekstraklasa betting tips these would be like this:

Ekstraklasa Champion - Best odds
Unibet LVBET.com EnergyBet
Legia Unibet: 1.12 Bet with bonus LVBET.com: 1.18 Bet with bonus EnergyBet: 1.18 Bet with bonus
Jagiellonia Unibet: 5.25 Bet with bonus LVBET.com: 4.65 Bet with bonus EnergyBet: 4.65 Bet with bonus
Promo code not required
100% Risk Free Bet
Bonus code JOHNNYBET
Bonus 100% up to €50
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Last update: 1526361524

If you are counting on getting some money from betting on the winner, we would advise you to take a little risk and place a wager on Jagiellonia. They are on 5.25 according to Unibet and 4.65 on EnergyBet and LVbet. The reasoning behind it is that as this league is pretty random and it is hard to predict who is going to win, anything can happen. But Jagiellonia has to win their match against Wisła Płock, the biggest surprise of this season, which will not be the easiest task, as Wisła is fighting for the qualifying rounds of Europa League.

On the other hand, Legia just needs to score a point against Lech Poznań to secure the win in the league. But here Lech will be very determined to beat the team from Warsaw, as they are their biggest opponents. You can back Legia to win the league at 1.12 at Unibet and 1.18 both at EnergyBet and LVbet.

2. Polish Ekstraklasa Odds

Other interesting fight is the one for staying in the top division. One of the teams – Sandecja – is already relegated, with no chances to stay. There are two more teams that will struggle to stay – Piast Gliwice and Bruk-Bet Termalica. What is interesting is that they will play agains each other in the final round of this 2017/2018 Ekstraklasa season.

Ekstraklasa Relegation - Best odds
LVBET.com EnergyBet
Piast LVBET.com: 1.65 Bet with bonus EnergyBet: 1.65 Bet with bonus
Bruk-Bet Termalica LVBET.com: 2.20 Bet with bonus EnergyBet: 2.20 Bet with bonus
Bonus code JOHNNYBET
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Bonus 100% up to €35
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Last update: 1526361622

Bruk-Bet Termalica has to win or draw to stay, hence Piast has to win. Looking at that it would be the safest to assume that Bruk-Bet is going to stay. On the other hand, Piast is much more experienced team, with some quality players and it comes as a surprise that they have to fight to the very end to avoid the relegation.

Ekstraklasa -last 8

Team Points
Cracovia 50
Śląsk Wrocław 47
Arka Gdynia 43
Pogoń Szczecin 42
Lechia Gdańsk 38
Bruk-Bet Termalica 36
Piast Gliwice 34
Sandecja Nowy Sącz 32

That is why we would place a bet on Piast, they are at 1.65 at EnergyBet and LVbet to stay in the league and that makes them favourites in this duel. If you prefer you can also place a wager on Bruk-Bet which is at 2.2 at EnergyBet and LVbet.

3. Polish Ekstraklasa

As you could see Polish Ekstraklasa odds are quite clear as who is going to become a champion and who will be relegated. But after watching many games, we can honestly say that anything can happen in this league, and sometimes it is no risk to place a bet at the team with higher odds to lose.

But we leave the betting to you. Who do you think is going to win? Who will be relegated? Let us know in the comments section below!

Oh, and if you are interested in football at a little better level, and would like to read about Champions League final, check out our Real Madrid vs Liverpool betting tips!

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