Polish Ekstraklasa Predictions

Polish Ekstraklasa Predictions

The next season of the most interesting league in the World is about to start. Of course, lots of us would be watching it and in the meantime place a bet or two on our favourite team. In this article we will present you some our our Polish Ekstraklasa betting tips, so you know who to bet on.

1. Polish Ekstraklasa Betting Odds

Here are some of the Polish Ekstraklasa betting odds. We present you the outright ones.

As one could imagine, Legia is a strong favourite to win the league. They „dominated” the league in the past years, winning 3 trophies. They are at 1.85 at LVBet. But if you would like to place bets on single matches we wouldn't recomment you to place a bet on them, as in the beginnings of the season, Legia is not playing up to par.

Second favourite to win in 2018/2019 Ekstraklasa season is Lech Poznan. Their odds to win Polish Ekstraklasa are at 6 at EnergyBet. It is surprising as in the last years they finished 3rd, below Jagiellonia.

On the third place to win is said Jagiellonia. They are at 12 at EnergyBet.

Surprisingly on the fourth place we have Lechia Gdansk. Why is this a surprise? During the last season they were fighting not to be relegated and rumours of their financial unstability may be true and therefore, they may be problems with wages etc.

You can see the rest of the Polish Ekstraklasa odds in the table above.

2. Polish Ekstraklasa Betting Tips

Much more interesting thing than a fight for championship, will be a fight to avoid relegation. There we can see some actual favourites.

Zaglebie Sosnowiec, which advanced to the Ekstraklasa this year, are at 1.8 at EnergyBet to be relegated.

Similar situation is with Miedz Legnica. They are at 2.6 at EnergyBet.

But these are pretty obvious choices. Who else can be relegated? See our Polish Ekstraklasa predictions.

Ekstraklasa - To Be Relegated - Best odds
LVBET.com EnergyBet
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Zaglebie Sosnowiec LVBET.com: 1.80 EnergyBet: 1.80
Piast Gliwice LVBET.com: 2.50 EnergyBet: 2.50
Miedz Legnica LVBET.com: 2.60 EnergyBet: 2.60
Pogon Szczecin LVBET.com: 4.00 EnergyBet: 4.00
Cracovia Krakow LVBET.com: 4.00 EnergyBet: 4.00
Lechia Gdansk LVBET.com: 10.00 EnergyBet: 10.00
Wisla Plock LVBET.com: 10.00 EnergyBet: 10.00
Wisla Krakow LVBET.com: 51.00 EnergyBet: 51.00
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Last update: 1531212062

We would say that Wisla Krakow has a great chance. They are at 51 at EnergyBet, so a great possible winning is available. Why are we looking at them? First of all there are some financial issues that they need to reslove. Second, coach and sporting director were fired and now people with lack of experience were employed. Their great strength is love towards the club, but they will need to learn as they go. And last but not least there are problems with the stadium. City of Krakow, owner of the stadium, does not want to lend it to the club for the next Ekstraklasa season, as Wisla stil didn't pay for the previous years.

That is it for our Ekstraklasa betting tips. If you are interested in this league, well...we have nothing but respect to you if you want to actually watch it. But what are your Polish Ekstraklasa predictions?

3. Polish Ekstraklasa

As you could see Polish Ekstraklasa odds are quite clear as who is going to become a champion and who will be relegated. But after watching many games, we can honestly say that anything can happen in this league, and sometimes it is no risk to place a bet at the team with higher odds to lose.

But we leave the betting to you. Who do you think is going to win? Who will be relegated? Let us know in the comments section below!

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