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Shop ID Number Coral Poker

Bonus Type Bonus Description
Coral Poker bonus: 100% up to £200
Additional Poker offer: £20 in tournament tokens
Shop ID Number Coral Poker: Use our link

Who doesn’t like promotions and bonuses? Coral Poker offers you some excellent promotions for poker – you’re basically guaranteed to love them. There are different bonuses, such as:

- Coral Poker welcome bonus;

- Summer sprint;

- World Cup countdown;

- Coral cash game hero and more.

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1. What are these bonuses really about?

Coral max bonus (maximum bonus online)
Coral Shop ID Number June 2023
not required
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Coral Shop ID Number July 2023
not required
Go to Coral
August 2023 September 2023
October 2023 November 2023
December 2023 January 2024
February 2024 March 2024
April 2024 May 2024

What are these bonuses really about? The Coral Poker welcome bonus is pretty self-explanatory – it’s a bonus you get on your first few deposits. £20 are available to you when you make your first deposit of £5 or more for the first time. The £20 will not be cash, but in the form of tournament tokens, which means that you won’t be able to withdraw them. The bonus is presented to you for playing, nothing more.

But this is not all. Additionally, you get something called a “pending bonus”. For every £10 deposit you make, you get an equal amount in pending bonus up to £1,200, which can be released in £5 portions for every 300 points you make. No Coral shop ID number for new customers is required in order to register at Coral Poker. If you sign up with JohnnyBet, you are viable for all the highest bonuses right from the get-go.

2. Other promotions at Coral Poker

Summer sprint is a nice giveaway based on the ladder competition. Coral Poker is giving away £5,000 every week during the season to the top 50 players in the ladder. All you have to do in order to get a piece of this pie is to qualify in the ladder. The better you do, the bigger piece you get. First prize is £800. Again, no Coral Poker promo code or shop ID number to Coral Poker is required – just some good stats in the real-money games and a high score on the leader board.

World Cup countdown is a 10-day tournament before the beginning of the FIFA World Cup. The tournament uses freeze-out rules with a £100 reward. Every evening bears the name of one of the favorites to win. The team that wins the World Cup in the end will bring another £500 cash bonus and £500 still in the form of a pending bonus for the player who had won the event at the evening named after the world champion. No promo code Coral Poker is required.

Coral cash game hero is yet another Coral Poker initiative that aims at rewarding players, this time for their consistency. This giveaway is not based on points or wins, but on the number of hands you’ve played. The more hands you play, the more viable you are to win up to £450. Once more, no shop ID number Coral Poker is needed.

In order to be viable for the highest bonuses, sign up with JohnnyBet! We offer you the best promotions, the best casinos, lots of information and more – just browse through our site and you will find everything you need, as long it has something to do with gambling. JohnnyBet is always the right choice!

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