FIFA 17 Online Tournament PC

FIFA 17 Online Tournament PC

After the great success of the JohnnyBet FIFA 16 tournament, the site is running another fantastic competition this year at the new E-Sports section, giving PC and PS4 users the chance to win big prizes for free, playing their favourite Soccer game.

The tournament is open to anyone with an original PC or PS4 version of FIFA 17, along with a personal Origin account, so those with pirated copies of the game are strictly excluded from participation.

1. How It’s Played

Each game is 6 minutes long, played online at normal speed and once the players have forwarded the result to the tournament administrators, it’s added to the league table and their positions are adjusted accordingly on a Global Ranking Table.

Points are awarded depending on who won, and by what goal difference. All players in the tournament start off with 500 league points. Winners get from +1 to +20 points, losers see -1 to -20 points, while there’s +7 to -7 for a draw. Un-sportsmanlike behaviour carries a penalty of -10 points to -30, so it pays to play fair.

Once players are logged in, they can sign up for matches and have 30 seconds to accept or decline a match. The maximum number of games played each day is unlimited, and there is no set maximum number of tournament competitors.

All matches need to be played between 6PM and 8PM Central European Time, and with the tournament open to players from across the world, anyone outside of this region needs to take any time difference into account.

With players coming from around the globe, you could be up against someone from the other side of the world, or you could invite your friends from just down the road to join in and find yourself playing against them.

The Global Ranking Table details who has played, how many matches, the results and where each player is now positioned on it, along with any other details that help players see exactly how they are doing so far and where they are likely to end up at the end of each tournament stage.

It’s all easy to understand, and joining a game is quick and easy, so anyone who has not played an online tournament will find this a great place to start, particularly as there is no entry fee and this one involves one of the most popular games in the world.

2. The Prizes

Of course apart from the excitement of the competition and the thrill of playing and hopefully winning at FIFA 17, the aim of the tournament is to win money, and JohnnyBet has some great prizes that are guaranteed to be claimed by those at the top of the table.

There’s a monthly €200 prize pool for PC players, and a further €200 pool for those using PS4, divided into 4 weekly prizes of €50 for the top 3 players in each platform. Winners will be sent the money by Skrill, and with entry being completely free, this is a fun way to earn some extra cash, just for enjoying FIFA 17.

3. About JohnnyBet

JohnnyBet is one of the world’s biggest online betting communities, where players and experts provide daily sports wagering tips. Following these tips has led to long-term, consistent profits. Registering with JohnnyBet is free, and brings all of the top tips and advice to you, along with guidance of where to find the best odds to place each wager.

Weekly odds competitions, a tipster’s league that has great prizes of €2000 for the contributors who post the most successful betting tips each month, and further free tournaments can all be found across JohnnyBet’s pages.

Reviews of the best sportsbooks and casinos, with special welcome deals waiting for you when using links or promotional codes, are just some of the highlights of becoming part of the JohnnyBet community.

Join up and with your original copy of FIFA 17 for PC or PS4, you can enter this great tournament and play this game for free, winning some cash prizes along the way.

The FIFA 17 online tournament starts soon, at the new E-Sports section, so register to play now and be among the first to earn points and get to the top of the Global Ranking Table.

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