FIFA 18 Online Tournament - PC, PS4, XBOX

FIFA 18 Online Tournament - PC, PS4, XBOX

It’s back! The world’s bestselling footballing series, FIFA, has returned with the 2018 edition across all console and PC formats, and the reviews suggest it could be the best instalment of the game yet.

To celebrate, JohnnyBet will once again be running our outstanding FIFA 18 leagues across PS4, Xbox One and PC, with the chance to win real cash prizes and other goodies for the best gamers around!

1. FIFA 18: What’s New?

FIFA 18 has been hailed as the best FIFA game to date and EA Sports, the game’s developer, have made some big improvements to the game from last year.

The actual game play has become more fluid, with improved passing and closer control, making FIFA 18 feel more like the real thing than ever before. A major complaint of previous FIFA games was a player was still completing an action while you, the controller, were attempting to do something else. This year, the game is much more responsive and player actions happen closer to real time.

Dribbling and sprinting is better, close control and little touches of the ball can make the difference when trying to beat a defender.

Coupled with the improved game play features, is the overall presentation of the game. FIFA 18 is powered by the Frostbite engine and the visuals are stunning, with lighting effects providing stunning detail on stadiums and the players.

Alex Hunter is back, and this second instalment of The Journey adds new storylines and avenues for players to explore. With Hunter riding high after his heroics of last season, he is on the cusp of a big money move but how will it turn out for the young star? This time Alex is fully customisable as well, so no two versions of the game will ever be the same. Can you lead your man to glory in The Journey: Hunter Returns?

EA Sports have also introduced Icons in FIFA 18. This will allow you to play with some of football’s most legendary stars of yesteryear, including the Brazilian Ronaldo, Diego Maradona, Pele, Thierry Henry and more. The great news is that Ultimate Team Icons will also be released for players who prefer that game mode.

If you want to hone your skills ahead of entering the JohnnyBet FIFA leagues then why not give FUT Champions a try and check out the Champions Channel and the squad building challenges? This is an official online series of tournaments brought to you by EA Sports, and while no cash prizes are available they are a great way to work on your game ahead of playing for money with us!

Other popular features which have returned to FIFA 18 include TOTW and a revamped FIFA Draft, so gamers across the great console divide (and PC) can rest assured that this year’s version of the game will continue the fine FIFA tradition.

2. Think You’re the FIFA King? Show Us!

Whether you prefer playing online against friends or against strangers in more serious competition, there’s no better way to enjoy FIFA 18 than by joining a well-organised league set-up to win real prizes.

That’s what JohnnyBet set out to do when we started our own FIFA tournaments back in 2016, and this year we’re ready to take things to the next level.

fifa 18 league ps4

There is a prize pool of €150 for every round plus excellent end of season prizes including televisions, game chairs and other top-quality gaming equipment.

So, what do you need to do to get involved? That’s simple, just create an account with us, join your preferred league (standard PS4 or PC, Ultimate Team PS4 or Xbox One) and let us take care of the rest.

Our matchmaking software will create matches for you to accept, and the results from these are added to the Global Rankings.

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