FIFA 19 Online Tournament - PC, PS4

FIFA 19 Online Tournament - PC, PS4

The new football season is underway, and that can mean only two things: there’s lots of bets to be placed, and the latest edition of the FIFA video game series will hit the shelves.

Available for PS4, Xbox One and PC, FIFA 19 has been revamped to offer more options to players. From new game modes to a slick, revolutionised style of play, makers Electronic Arts are promising one of the most vital additions to the series in years.

And, like last year, you can make your FIFA skills pay the bills by entering the exclusive JohnnyBet online FIFA 19 league, which offers plenty of fantastic prizes and the chance to earn those all-important bragging rights!

1. FIFA 19: The Best Yet?

The anticipation ahead of the release of the new FIFA reaches fever pitch every year, and the new additions to the game in 2019 suggest the wait is well and truly worth it.

Ultimate Team is back, alongside the Ultimate Team Icons feature which this year includes Steven Gerrard, Rivaldo, Roberto Baggio and Johan Cruyff as playable characters, as you look to build your favourite starting eleven from the great and good of world football. You can even try your hand at the FUT Champions League mode, with that historic tournament featuring in the game for the first time.

If you want to get stuck into a game quickly then how about these all-new game modes in ‘House Rules’: there’s Survival Mode, where a player is removed from your team each time you score, No Rules, which as the name suggests is where anything goes (no fouls, offsides or cards!), Headers & Volleys, where you can only score using one of those two methods, and Long Range, where goals scored from outside of the penalty area count double.

Alex Hunter returns in the final instalment of The Journey, and other popular FIFA staples including TOTW and FIFA 19 draft also return.

EA Sports are also promising the most realistic action yet thanks to their Active Touch System. This ensures that the play feels more realistic, with passing and control mechanisms improved to reflect the fast pace of modern football. Each of the key players has their own specific skills too, so you can perfect the Neymar trap, the Mbappe shimmy and the De Bruyne passing range as you please.

2. FIFA 19 JohnnyBet Leagues & Tournaments

Online play is likely to be as feverishly popular as ever in FIFA 19, and once you have learned the ropes be sure to head on over to JohnnyBet and join our FIFA 19 online tournaments and leagues.

What’s in it for you? That’s easy: lots of great prizes, including games consoles, gadgets and cash payouts. And then of course there’s the chance to climb the ladder and top our Global Rankings; a fantastic addition to your CV if you plan on playing FIFA full time on the paid ranks.

FIFA 19 | Official Reveal Trailer

There’s the league format plus cups, head 2 head tournaments and much more to enjoy, so instead of keeping your FIFA skills hidden away why not showcase your talents to a worldwide audience by challenging the best in JohnnyBet’s FIFA 19 league!?

This season we play on PC and PS4 with some outstanding rewards for the winners. Did you like the previous ones? Man, the new ones will beat them!

3. Free FIFA 19 Online Tournament at

Join our FIFA 19 Online tournament for free! Come and show everyone who's the boss. Play against your friends or against random players in a formal tournament. There is no better way to play FIFA 19 online than joining a well-organized league to compete for real prizes.

For this year, the FIFA 19 Tournament offers an even bigger prize pool than last year, so don't miss this one in a million opportunity and go for it! The lucky ones will win an all-inclusive trip to a Premier League game! (the flight, the match ticket and the accommodation) And if you don't win the first prize, you can continue competing for other prizes such as Playstation 4 Pro, X-Fighter Diablo chair, Vanguard K08 keyboard and more. Do not miss it and join now !

free online FIFA 19 tournament

4. How to start playing in FIFA 19 tournament?

The first thing you have to do is register with JohnnyBet, open a free account and then enter the FIFA 19 page to access the tournament (you require an original version of the game on the platform of your choice). Then the software will choose a random opponent for you and you start playing.

When you finish the game the results will be added to the global Ranking, where you will compete monthly for the maximum prize available. You better start practising to be prepared in the best way for the FIFA 19 Online Tournament for PC. If it's still confusing for you watch our tutorial and everything will become crystal clear.

Check out how to join FIFA Tournament at Johnnybet

To be updated with all our Esports contest, tournaments and other initiatives be sure to follow us on our JohnnyBet E-sport facebook page .

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