FIFA 20 Online Tournament

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FIFA 20 Online Tournament

The new football season is just around the corner, and that can mean only two things: there’s lots of bets to be placed, and the latest edition of the FIFA video game series will hit the shelves. FIFA 20 was released on the September 27th but early access orders allowed players to begin playing the game on September 24th.

Available for PS4, Xbox One and PC, FIFA 20 has been revamped to offer more options to players.

And, like last year, you can make your FIFA skills pay the bills by entering the exclusive JohnnyBet online FIFA 20 tournament, which offers plenty of fantastic prizes and the chance to earn those all-important bragging rights!

Our FIFA 20 competitions are very popular, so continue reading below to find our more about the new game and how to play FIFA 20 online.

1. FIFA 20 JohnnyBet Leagues & Tournaments

Online play is feverishly popular as ever in FIFA 20, and once you have learned the ropes be sure to head on over to JohnnyBet and join our FIFA 20 online tournaments and leagues.

What’s in it for you? That’s easy: lots of great prizes, including games consoles, gadgets and FIFA 20 tournament prize money. You also have the chance to climb the ladder and top our Global Rankings; a fantastic addition to your CV if you plan on plan to play FIFA 20 online full time on the paid ranks.

There’s the league format plus cups, head 2 head tournaments and much more to enjoy. So, instead of keeping your FIFA skills hidden away why not showcase your talents to a worldwide audience by challenging the best in JohnnyBet’s FIFA 20 league!?

This season we have FIFA 20 online tournaments for PS4 with some outstanding rewards for the winners. Did you enjoy the prizes last season? The new ones will beat them!

2. Free FIFA 20 Online Tournament with Friends at

Join our FIFA 20 tournament for free. Come and show everyone who's the boss. Play against your friends or against random players in formal FIFA 20 online tournaments. There is no better way to play FIFA 20 online than joining a well-organized league to compete for real prizes.

For this year, our FIFA 20 online tournaments will offer an even bigger prize pool than last year, so don't miss this one in a million opportunity and go for it! What will it be? A ticket to a Champions League match, Playstation 4 PRO, Diablo chairs and gaming accessories!

3. How to start playing in FIFA 20 tournament?

The first thing you have to do is register with JohnnyBet, open a free account and then enter the FIFA 20 page to access the FIFA 20 tournament (you require an original version of the game on the platform of your choice). Then the software will choose a random opponent for you and you start playing.

When you finish the game, the results will be added to the Global Ranking, where you will compete monthly for the maximum prize available. You better start practising to be prepared in the best way for the JohnnyBet FIFA 20 online tournaments.

4. FIFA 20: The Best Yet?

The main addition to the game this season is Volta mode. This has been described as celebrating “the authentic culture, creativity, and style of the small-sided game”. It is much like FIFA Street, which was last released in 2012 and will bring with it character customisation, small sided games and a Futsal option.

During standard gameplay, it is thought timed finishing is going to become more difficult and the effective movement of goalkeepers is going to be reduced. One-on-one situations are going to be easier for the strikers and multiple tricks are going to be tougher to pull off. When in one-on-one situations, goalkeepers will need to commit to moving one way or the other, with the super-human reactions becoming a thing of the past.

FIFA20 Official Reveal Trailer

Set-pieces have been revamped and this will make scoring from situations such as direct free-kicks easier. The control of spin on the ball will become more important for both corners and free-kicks.

Long range passing and passes under pressure will be more difficult to pull off. In contrast, simple passes will be more accurate, so making the right choice of the type of pass to play and when will be critical, especially in midfield. The manual ‘Dinked’ pass and the ‘Driven Pass-and-Go’ are two new passing options for FIFA 20.

A new combination of features that tweaks the physics of play, both on and off the ball are introduced. Players will get more time and space on the ball and there will be more one-on-ones with the goalkeeper as a result. Off the ball players will spread around the pitch in a more authentic way thanks to the improvements in manual defending. This means players will be rewarded for manual tackling rather than allowing the AI to take control.

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