FIFA 21 Online Tournament

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FIFA 21 Online Tournament

Despite everything else that is going on right now, this is the time of year when we all start to get a little bit excited about the next generation of FIFA, and our FIFA 21 online tournament!

EA Sports has released the trailer for FIFA 21 online, and the extra excitement this year comes with the knowledge that the ever-popular football game will be one of the flagship releases for both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X – EA are promising that the new technology will take FIFA to the ‘next level’.

And don’t worry, if you don’t pick up the next generation of consoles when they hit the shops you can still enjoy FIFA 21 on your PS4 or your Xbox One.

We are still awaiting more news on the game’s features, on what changes will be made, what career mode and what Ultimate Team will look like – EA is promising more news in August about gameplay and other exciting release updates.

But to whet your appetite, EA Sports have released details of their ‘Next Level’ technology, which will deliver some really cool innovations using the controller haptics on PS5. These haptics promise a more realistic experience with enhanced vibrations and response, and that will surely help us all to fully immerse ourselves in the action out on the pitch.

We’ve got some more good news for you: we will once again be running our FIFA 21 tournament schedule, which means that you can showcase your skills to a worldwide audience and win some cash prizes along the way too!

Become the greatest FIFA 21 player of all times!

1. How to Play a FIFA 21 Tournament

If you always beat your friends when you are playing FIFA at home or online, maybe now is the time that you try to take on the world with your skills.

We have been running FIFA events for years, and we promise that our FIFA 21 online tournament will be our biggest and best yet!

For the past couple of football seasons, we have been running competitions in which you can win genuine cash prizes for your play. There is a prize pool of €200 in place for every round (€105 split for first 7 places + €95 in bonus games), so every time we run our tournament there are players who win real cash that gets paid straight to them as quickly as possible.

So why bother playing FIFA 21 PS4 online tournaments against your friends or strangers online, when you could be making your skills pay….in every sense of the word!

2. How to Join JohnnyBet’s FIFA Tournament

If you want to join our FIFA 21 PS4 tournament or even the PS5 version if you get your hands on the new console, it could not be easier to sign up and get started.

First, you need to create an account with JohnnyBet – hit the ‘Sign Up’ button you can see on our page. Don’t worry, all of your personal details are kept safe and secure by our private servers.

Once you have signed up, join our FIFA 21 online contest using your PSN ID.

To get you started, our very own ‘match-maker’ tool will pick a few potential opponents for you to play to improve your win rating.

At the end of each round (which lasts 7 days), the best players win their share of the €200 (€95 in bonus games) prize pool – who knows, that could be you one day.

3. The Best FIFA 21 Tournament with Prizes

So you want to play in a FIFA 21 tournament with prizes?

Don’t waste your time with tournaments where the operator is untruthful about what you can win, or where prizes take months to hit your bank account.

Don’t waste your time playing against those who quit when they go 0-3 down.

Don’t waste your time playing a FIFA 21 PS5 tournament that is badly organised or takes months to complete.

Instead, come and join a FIFA 21 PS5 online tournament from an operator that has been running such competitions for years, and where prizes are guaranteed.

As we’ve mentioned, there is a prize pool of €200 for every round of our tournament, and a range of other prizes too from time to time including gadgets and event tickets. You can see the full list of prizes below.

Prizes for the 2020/21 season winners (TOP 7):

1. Champions League match trip

2. PS5 Console

3. Diablo Gaming Chair

4. Creative gaming accessories

5. Creative gaming accessories

6. PlayStation Plus 12-month subscription

7. Football Match shirt of the chosen club

So what are you waiting for? Come and join our FREE FIFA 21 tournament and try to win our fantastic cash prizes.

FIFA 21 Reveal Trailer

4. Frequently Asked Questions

Want more information about FIFA 21 online tournaments? Read our guide here.

4.1 How do I join a FIFA 21 tournament?

To join the JohnnyBet FIFA 21 tournament, simply sign up for an account with us, enter your PSN ID and you will soon be up and running as a registered player.

4.2 Is it free to play a FIFA 21 tournament?

Yes! While some FIFA 21 tournaments require an entry fee, ours will always be free of charge – and you can still win cash prizes into the bargain.

4.3 Can I win cash prizes playing FIFA?

To win your share of the €200 prize pool every week, join the JohnnyBet FIFA 21 online tournament today.

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