Free EAFC Contest

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Free EAFC Contest

Players who are ready to get some recognition for their virtual soccer skills will be happy to learn that the free EAFC contest from JohnnyBet will be held again this year. This online tournament follows on the heel of the very successful EAFC free competition online played last year, so the expectations for the next edition are even higher. The level of competition is likely going to be improved, the prize fund is just as deep as ever, and we can confidently say that our free EAFC competition will be a lot of fun to watch and even more to participate in.

In this EAFC preview, we will present the basic facts about this fun virtual sports tournament and provide instructions for players regarding their applications. We will also be able to offer valuable prizes to players who demonstrate extraordinary skills and finish high on the leaderboard of our free EAFC online tournament.

1. EAFC Free Online Contest at

The main idea behind the EAFC PC online tournament is to give casual players a chance to demonstrate their skills with a game controller and make a name for themselves in the e-sports world. The event will be organized by JohnnyBet and hosted on its online servers, with integrity of the results 100% guaranteed.

Since the tournament is held virtually, players from all over the world are welcome to participate and a very high level of competition is expected. The exact number of participants, schedule of play, and other details will be known after the registration period completes, but we are already receiving a lot of interest and can be sure that our EAFC free completion online will be full of memorable matches.

2. EA Sports FC Preview

After our FIFA 23 online event attracted more attention than we expected, we decided to continue with the tradition and organize a similar tournament as soon as new version of the popular game arrives to the market. In anticipation of the EAFC soccer simulation being released later this year by EA Sports, we decided to announce the EAFC PS5 online tournament that will be open to international players of all skill levels.

EA Sports FC Details
Release Date September 29, 2023
Platforms Playstation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch
Crossplay Available for all platforms

The best players will have a chance to win valuable prizes and to leave their mark on the game in a special way. Some of the details of the online contest will be presented in this EA Sports FC preview to keep all the players prepared and provide a fair grounds for head-to-head duels between them.

2.1 EA Sports FC Will Replace Fifa 24

The most important change compared to last year is that EA decided to retire its FIFA brand, so instead of FIFA 24 the latest edition of the game will be known as EA Sports FC. The name change will be accompanied by the introduction of a new logo, while the game itself might bring a few innovations, too.

Following the lead from the software manufacturer, we will embrace the rebrand and conduct our EAFC Xbox online tournament using the new version with all the team rosters updated. Based on all that is known so far from the latest Fifa 24 preview, we can expect several upgrades that will have a direct impact on the quality and style of play in the tournament.

2.2 EAFC & Fifa 24: Release Dates and Platforms

Of course, the most important fact related to our EAFC free competition is when the new game will hit the shelves, and the date is already announced. EA Sports FC will be released worldwide on Friday, September 29th 2023.

This will be a simultaneous launch on several game platforms, including gaming consoles such as Sony PlayStation 4/5, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. PC-based players will also gain access to the game on the same date from Steam, Origin, and Epic Games platforms. All players who own a legal copy of the game will be able to play in our EAFC online tournament, regardless of the platform they use to access the game. If you are interested in more of our free competitions with prizes, such as the lucky symbol contest, simply follow the links to join.

3. How to Join EAFC Tournament Online

As we await the arrival of the rebranded game, now is the right time to apply for participation in our alternative to the FIFA 24 online tournament that will mark the next season of competitive play. The registration procedure is very simple and players from different countries will be accepted, without any participation fee or other form of payment. This is a EAFC free contest and we want everyone with a passion for the game to be a part of it.

For those who are wondering how to join EAFC tournament online, the answer is very simple. Just follow the announcements at the JohnnyBet website and click on the registration link as soon as it becomes available. You will need to fill out an online form and leave your personal details, and you will receive confirmation of your acceptance as well as detailed schedule of the EAFC PS5 online tournament as soon as possible. Exact terms and conditions of the EAFC free contest will be clarified during the registration process. For more of the latest free online contests with prizes, follow the links.

4. Best EAFC Online Competition with Prizes

Players who perform well in the competition and finish in the top-10 on the leaderboard of our EA Sports FC free contest can expect valuable rewards. Great virtual soccer players can expect a lot of goodies from our EAFC tournament with prizes. First place includes tickets to a Champions League match, second a gaming monitor worth €350, with third place claiming a gaming chair with value of €250, as well as high-tech gaming headphones for the player who finishes fourth.

The best players can also get a free copy of the EA Sports FC game, and a subscription for PlayStation Plus lasting between 1 and 12 months. Without a doubt, such a rich prize fund will attract a lot of skilled players to take part in EA Sports FC online tournament and pretty much ensures that all matches will be played seriously and with the maximum sense of competitive spirit. We can't wait to see you line up on the virtual pitches of our free EAFC contest!

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