Free Online Contests with Prizes

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Free Online Contests with Prizes

Having access to free online contests with prizes at a trusted website, is the ideal scenario for somebody who enjoys a gamble, but with the risk factor taken away. JohnnyBet delivers perfectly, with their free online betting competitions and exciting tournament play. Here we take a look at some of the excellent opportunities they offer to players to win cash prizes online in free competitions, as part of their growing community.

1. Is it Safe to Enter Online Competitions?

Punters have every right to be a little wary when it comes to online contests, but with JohnnyBet any concerns can be quickly allayed. This is due to the established safety and customer focus of the site, and its acknowledged position as one of the leading platforms to find the best betting competitions with prizes, anywhere on the net.

Safety in numbers is a well-known phrase, which couldn't be more appropriate than in this instance, as the JohnnyBet community is huge and completely supportive of one another. The many different groups within its membership, are all geared towards being interactive and as a consequence, this has meant that the outlet has created its own totally trustworthy stage, to initiate 100% free competitions, with confidence, and absolute faith in the process.

2. JohnnyBet Free Competitions with Rewards

JohnnyBet has some outstanding free online contests with prizes that make members return time and again. The most popular are the “Betting Competition”, “FIFA contest”, the “Tipster League”, and “Find the Lucky Symbol”. Each one different in its own right, but equally, they all represent an opportunity in a free online contest to win prizes.

2.1 Betting Competition

Amongst the popular prizes for betting that JohnnyBet provide, is their daily and weekly free sports betting competitions, which keep the loyal membership constantly involved and entertained. All they need to do after registration is to click on the “join contest” button and they are straight into the action, as an active participant of 1x2 Online Free JohnnyBet competition.

Test your prediction skills in our contest

The basic concept is to predict the results of specific events over the course of a contest, which are divided into seven daily rounds, and points are gained for the accuracy of the predictions. A prize pool of €300 is on offer, with €5 awarded for the “Coupon of the Day” which is basically the person with the highest amount of points obtained in one day.

The administrators of the competition stipulate which selection of events are to be used, and the remaining prize pool of €265 is shared, with the winner taking €70 of it. The competition is open to anyone of any nationality; all they need to do is register for a JohnnyBet account. It is rightly regarded as one of the best competitions to enter for free.

2.2 FIFA Contest

The FIFA series of games have an army of gamers all around the globe, and at JohnnyBet there is consideration for players of either the PS4, or PS5 console versions, with online tournaments and competitions in both. It is totally free to enter, with a weekly prize pool of €300. The contested tournaments last for seven days, with a matchmaking tool, carefully lining up a suitable opponent.

Overall winners have the opportunities to take home some incredible prizes, including match tickets to Champions League games. What could be better than taking part in a FIFA Contest JohnnyBet, which is a free online contest to win prizes of outstanding value, just by doing something that you probably would be doing anyway, but just as a hobby?

2.3 Tipster League

If you enjoy your football and fancy yourself as having an eye for a result, then JohnnyBet Tipsters League with cash prizes has to be one of the best competitions to enter for free.There are huge prizes to be won and players get to use their knowledge, as well as that of others too. When it comes to free tournaments with prize pool winnings of significance, then this league is right up with the best of them.

There is €30,000 prize pool (€5,000 in the preseason and €25,000 in the main season competitions) on offer, split between the top finishers, with 1st place in the preseason getting €3,000, whereas the winner of the main season competition getting €15,000 and the runner up €3,000; plus consolation prizes of €50 for 16th to 20th places, still not bad for a free entry competition.

The preseason takes place during the months of June and July and the main season competition starts on August 1 and continues till the end of May.

2.4 Find Lucky Symbol

This is another fabulous JohnnyBet free online contest to win prizes at regular intervals. “Find Lucky Symbol” requires a player to do exactly what it says... find a symbol, and if you are lucky you can win a share of the €3,000 prize pool, with the added incentive of a massive €10,000 available, as the top prize.

As 100% free competitions go, this JohnnyBet Lucky Symbol contest is more a test of an individual's observational skills; but with an average game time of less than forty seconds, players have to be quick off the mark. Basically, the administrators of the competition inform all registered players which symbols have been made accessible, and issue subtle clues of where to find them. Players simply have to search for them, and once found, click on it to reveal a code, which can be pasted into a specific field, to reveal its worth.

3. How Can You Enter Online Competitions for Free?

Punters often ask the question how do you win online prizes? Well with JohnnyBet it couldn't be easier. All an interested player has to do is register for an account at the website, and that immediately allows access to whichever free online contests with prizes they would like to try out.

A series of prompts will take a player through the necessary initial stages, and naturally each will have their own particular rules of play, but that is to be expected. There is no catch, in no time, a new member can be signed up and joining in with the rest of the JohnnyBet community, attempting to win prizes with free online competitions, at this excellent platform.

4. Advantages of Free Tournaments with Prizes

The obvious advantage of online tournaments with prizes played for free, is just that, they are free so nothing to lose. Plainly, there is some unscrupulous outfits around who could be operating dishonestly, so it is vital to check them out first. Site integrity is not something to be concerned about with JohnnyBet, as it is completely safe and dependable, so account holders can gamble in a secure environment, and play the free tournaments with prize pool winnings on offer.

Players can exchange information, and test their own capabilities, with like-minded people as part of a growing community, where genuine friendships can form. There is a real chance to win prizes instantly online free, whilst improving individual skill-sets. Abilities do not have to be at an advanced level to play these competitions at JohnnyBet, beginners are made to feel very welcome, with that community sense of belonging, very much in evidence.

JohnnyBet's Free Online Contests

5. Free Online Contests with Prizes FAQ's

5.1 🏅 What are the best online competitions at JohnnyBet?

The best competitions to enter for free are JohnnyBet's Tipsters League, the Betting Competition, FIFA contest, and Find the Lucky Symbol.

5.2 🏅 Where can I enter a free competition?

Some of the best free competitions online can be found in the JohnnyBet community.

5.3 🏅 What prizes can I win?

At JohnnyBet players looking for free online contests with prizes can win a weekly share of €300 at the Betting Competition, a possible €10,000 at Lucky Symbol and up to €15,000 at the Tipster League.

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