Live Betting Tips

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Live Betting Tips

Our live betting tips were prepared for one main reason – to help you increase your betting efficiency and maximise your profits. Although many players focus solely on pre-game bets, in-play betting provides a lot of great opportunities to earn some extra money. If you know where to find live value betting odds and how to react fast, you're able to take the advantage of betting chances you can't predict before the kick-off.

And this is why we want you to read this guide to live betting. You'll not only learn what in-play betting is but also what the best live betting strategies are and which bookmakers cover the biggest number of ongoing sports events and have the best live betting odds for them. After all, deep knowledge of tips for live betting is the key to success.

1. What is Live Betting?

Before we start listing the best live betting tips, let's cover some basic stuff. Bettors who aren't professional may wonder – what is in-play betting? In simple words, it's betting on particular sports events when they're already taking place. For example, you can place a live bet during the first half of a football game to pick a team that will win the whole game.

You'll be surprised to know how many sports are available for online live betting. In the past, various bookmakers offered in-play betting odds only for the most popular sports such as football, tennis, or basketball. Today, however, there is a wide range of events covered in live sports betting sections – you can even find some live betting picks for such exotic sports as water polo, badminton, and bandy.

2. In-Play Betting Benefits

Is live betting profitable? Well, even though betting live on sports can be very tricky and risky, there are a lot of live betting benefits to take into consideration. First of all, following our live betting tips creates an opportunity to find better value. Let's take a match between Manchester City and Portsmouth. Before the kick-off, the odds for the Citizens to win are rather low. However, if they are struggling and failing to score a goal, the closer it gets to the final whistle, the higher live betting 1x2 odds you can find. Remember to get familiar with our guide to reading betting odds for sports events provided in the related article.

Secondly, in-play sports betting is more exciting and provides more emotions. Looking for attractive live betting odds and analysing various statistics and data in real-time can give an incredible rush of adrenaline. Moreover, once a given sports event is in progress, many bookmakers release live betting lines for markets that weren't available for pre-game betting. For example, in football, it includes attractive live under/over odds as well as prices for particular players to score a goal.

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Finally, live betting tips are simply way more accurate. This is because you already have some information about how two teams are playing, which gives you a better perspective. Thanks to that, you can place live bookmakers bets for a result you weren't fully convinced about before the start. Seeing how many live betting advantages there are, we hope you feel encouraged to dive into this topic more.

3. Live Betting Picks and Strategies

No matter how profitable this type of betting may be, it's good to follow some of the most important live betting tips. It's very easy to lose one's head over the overwhelming in-play betting offer, but once you remember about the basic live betting tactics we share below, you can feel a little bit safer.

3.1 Set up Your Live Betting Limits

This is probably the most important one live betting tip. We've already mentioned how extensive in-play betting markets can be, which makes it very easy to find more and more attractive live odds to back. However, if you start losing one live betting coupon after another, you can feel desperate to win. This is very dangerous as your bad luck may not end soon. Thus, in our live betting tips we advise you to set a maximum amount of money you can afford to lose per day during betting live on online sports.

3.2 Watch the Game or Follow Live Score

Although you can find large data for most of the ongoing sports events, it's always good to watch the event you want to bet on. Many in-play betting picks are based purely on available statistics and these can be very misleading. How many times a team won a game despite being way worse in every stats category? Thus, we advise you to add this to your today live betting tips – first, take a look at least at some part of the event and then place your live online bets. As a result, you avoid being blinded by raw numbers and not entirely accurate live betting picks. As the Australian A-League is very popular among bettors, we advise you to take a look at free live stream options for A-League Australia matches available in the related article.

3.3 Make Proper Pre-Game Research

You may be surprised to hear that you should prepare ahead of a given event to bet on it live. However, it's often very profitable, especially in team sports. Take football as an example. If you have an interesting game between Arsenal and Chelsea, you can analyse their head-to-head record. If nine out of their ten latest encounters ended with both teams to score, you can assume this time it will be no different. Then, your live betting pick of the day would be following this match live and waiting for the moment where bookmaker live betting odds for BTTS are the highest.

Another sport where conducting research before the event is horse racing. For example, many of the best tipsters read studies into how bookies determine their odds over a long period of races to create betting strategies based upon patterns across the markets. There are many statistical papers freely available online for those willing to put in the time to greater understand their chosen sport.

3.4 Look For Losing Favourites

We finish our most important live betting tips with an obvious piece of advice to look for situations when clear favourites are surprisingly losing. This clearly boosts the in-play betting lines available at bookmakers to the level that was impossible to find during pre-game research. Of course, remember that favourites don't always come back on top and sometimes they draw or lose. However, more often than not you'll be able to make great profits at very attractive in-play 1x2 betting odds.

4. How to Bet Live

One of the other advantages of online betting live on sports is the fact that it's very easy to place such coupons. It doesn't differ much from traditional pre-game betting. You also need a player account and we advise you to open one at any of our most recommended brands for bettors. Once you enter their website and you have our live betting tips in hand, just go to the section where you can place bets live and back your picks and predictions.

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4.1 Types of In-Play Bets

If you're wondering what kind of in-play sports bets are available, we're happy to tell you that there's actually no limit to that. Every respected sportsbook provides all of the most important live betting markets such as 1x2 to win, both teams to score, under/over a given number of goals, all kinds of Asian handicaps, and many more.

Additionally, live accumulator bets are possible too – simply add more than on live betting events to your coupon and choose the stake. The more events you add, the bigger your in-play betting profits are and there's also a chance to get a juicy live accumulator boost bonus if you exceed a particular number of events.

5. Where to Place Live Bets

The last piece of knowledge for you is where to use our live betting picks for today and tomorrow. Among our most recommended brands, you can find many valuable live betting bookmakers that are worth your attention. For example, bet365 has a tremendous in-play betting section and always provides high odds for live sports events. William Hill often introduces generous bonuses such as live betting cashbacks and accumulator boosts for live bets, which are available for all existing players. Also, it's a great place if you're looking where to place your live bets on various horse racing competitions.

Finally, Unibet and 1XBET offer free live streaming for various matches and fights. Therefore, you're able to follow a given event live and bet on it in one place. Don't forget that if you register at any of these live bet bookmaker brands using our links and bonus codes, you are entitled to receive rich welcome offers for new players. So, take the advantage of that and follow our live betting tips to make your winnings more impressive than they are.

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