Asian Goal Line

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Asian Goal Line

There is a wealth of betting markets available for football matches online and markets involving goals have become very popular. Arguably the most common betting market for goals is the over/under market. This involves betting on whether a game will end with over or under a specified number of goals. It is straight forward but when it comes to goals betting, Asian Goal Line is not as easy to follow.

1. Asian Goal Line Rules

Asian Goal Line betting involves - how many goals there will be in a match, with over and under used but it does not work in the same way as the standard over and under goals market. Whereas with the standard over and under bet you either win or lose the bet depending on the final score, with Asian Goal Line there is a third option.

With betting Asian Goal Line, you can also receive a refund in addition to winning or losing the bet, so there are three possible outcomes to the bet.

2. Asian Goal Line Examples

Instead showing a Asian Goal Line calculator or Asian Goal Line table, we describe you some examples of Asian Goal Line.

You can still bet on over/under 0.5 goals using Asian Goal Line and you will either win or lose the bet, there is no other room for manoeuvre due to the low number. However, as soon as you move above 0.5 goals, this is where it begins to change.

The next market you will find in Asian Goal Line betting is over/under 1.0 goals. If you bet on over 1.0 goals and the match ends 0-0, you will lose the bet. If the match ends 2-0, you will win the bet but if the match ends 1-0, you will receive a refund on the bet.

This is fairly simple to understand but if you have ever seen Asian Goal Line betting markets at some of the top online bookmakers, you will have noticed there are sometimes two bets separated with a comma (,).

An example of this is 2.5,3.0 and you will find this market available for most football matches listed, especially in the popular leagues and competitions. You will have a football over/under betting option on this market, just as you would in the examples above.

However, in this instance, half the stake is going on the first part of the bet (2.5) and the other half is going on the second half of the bet (3.0). The odds shown for your return are if both parts of the bet win. So, should you bet on Asian Goal Line over 2.5, 3.0 you will need the final score to have 4 goals or more to win the bet, such as 3-2.

If the match ended 2-1, you will win the first part of the bet and get a refund on the second part. If the final score was 2-0, you would lose the whole bet.

3. FAQ

3.1 ⚽Which one is safer to bet on over/under or Asian Goal line?

In Asian Goal line there are three outcomes- you win, you loose or you get your money back. Thus it seems to be a safer option that betting over/ under. To find some examples, how the Asian Goal Line works just read our article.

3.2 ⚽How to place a good bet?

It helps when you know the sports discipline you want to bet on. It's also worth knowing that betting on the right score or who's going to win are not your only betting markets. We recommend checking our Free Football Betting Tips, as well as guides to sports betting, both for beginners and advanced bettors available on Johnnybet's website.

3.3 ⚽What are true odds?

True odds as opposed to odds offered by the sportsbook, relate to the real probability of something happening.

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